Day: 22 April 2021

1 People: Where Luxury Fashion Meets Sustainability

Launched as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, 1 People provides a collection of timeless wardrobe staples, and statement pieces, – that boasts a contemporary twist with a conscience: ‘where luxury fashion meets sustainability.’

Beauty By Jas: Meet 14-Year-Old Jasmine Bull, – Who Turned Lock-down Uncertainty Into A Beauty Business

A 14 year-old, first-time entrepreneur, Jasmine Bull, – has transformed lock-down uncertainty into the launch of her own eponymous beauty brand, Beauty By Jas.

KYŌKO: The Fashion Brand Tackling Under-Representation With ‘Earthy Shades That Naturally Highlight(s) ALL Skin Tones’

London-based, contemporary and inclusive fashion brand, KYŌKO, – was born from the desire to tackle under-representation in the fashion industry, with ‘earthy shades that naturally highlight(s) ALL skin tones.’

Sugar Coated: The Vegan, Ethical Alternative To Waxing + The Future Of Hair Removal

Made from pure sugar syrup and water, ‘Sugar Coated’ is the future of hair removal, and the vegan, ethical alternative to waxing.

Francine Jordan (The Vegan Society) | Vegan Start-ups

For this week’s Gramersi THOUGHTcast episode, Francine Jordan from The Vegan Society discusses the stats (and the reasons) behind the rise in vegan entrepreneurship in the UK.