1 People: Where Luxury Fashion Meets Sustainability

Launched as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, 1 People provides a collection of timeless wardrobe staples, and statement pieces, – that boasts a contemporary twist with a conscience: ‘where luxury fashion meets sustainability.’

1 people was Founded by Rea Tjoa Algreen, and her life + business partner, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, – who are passionate about bringing together sustainability, style, comfort, quality, and fair pricing: with NO compromises. 

In addition to their strong eco-focus, the brand also takes pride in empowering people from every background, through it’s charity initiative, ‘Business For Planet,’ which is an impact-driven, social entrepreneur program, – of which 1 People currently donates 40% of it’s profits to.

1 People also provides complete transparency to it’s customers and audience(s), – via their social media channels, and on their website. The information they provide, includes: where their products derive(d) from, and how they were created.

Now, the organisation is expanding into multiple new product ranges and categories, for diversified style seekers, such as: ‘ready to wear,’ and ‘festive edits,’ – making it clear that comfort, style, sustainability, and fair pricing DO NOT have to be mutually exclusive.

Co-Founder, Jonathan, brings with him, – two decades of building businesses from scratch (and through investments), and Rea specialises in international studies and sustainability.

Between 2019 and 2020, 1 People generated a revenue growth of almost 2000%, and the company now operates in 15 countries worldwide, offering ‘no-fee’ shipping in: the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Indonesia, France, Italy, Finland, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and in the Netherlands.

They also have offices and warehouses sustainably operating across the planet in Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore, Frankfurt and USA.

Jonathan and Rea said: “Working towards a goal you are passionate about, does not mean that the work becomes easy. It means that the difficulties and obstacles you encounter become worth it.

Find out more here: https://1people.com