Sugar Coated: The Vegan, Ethical Alternative To Waxing + The Future Of Hair Removal

Made from pure sugar syrup and water, ‘Sugar Coated‘ is the future of hair removal, and the vegan, ethical alternative to waxing.

Sugar Coated provides an ultra-effective hair-removal treatment that is gentle on your skin, and the environment. The brand’s vegan sugar wax is 100% natural, and is made from two simple ingredients: sugar and water. The product is water-soluble and biodegradable, which means: no more messy spills ruining your carpets and clothes.

Inspired by an ancient method of hair-removal dating back to 1900 BC, sugar waxing is a tried and tested method, – that is loved by generations. Sugar Coated covers ALL hair removal needs, with a full body kit, – right down to a specific leg hair, facial hair, bikini line, underarm/arm, and even hair removal on tattooed skin. 

Each of their products is made with specific essential oils, including: rosehip, lavender, calendula, lemongrass, and almond – for optimum skin healing and nurturing. Say goodbye to super sticky waxes, burning creams and painful epilators, and give your skin a sweet treat, instead.

The full range includes:

  • The 250g Full Body Hair Removal Kit, 
  • The 250g Full Body Hair Removal Refill Jar,
  • The 200g Leg Hair Removal Kit with Rosehip Essential Oil,
  • The 200g Facial Hair Removal Kit with Lavender Essential Oil,
  • The 200g Bikini Hair Removal Kit with Calendula Essential Oil,
  • And the 200g Underarm + Arm Hair Removal Kit with Lemongrass Essential Oil.

The business was launched in August 2019, by Rosie Khandwala – who introduced the concept of strip sugar waxing to the UK, when she moved here in 1987 from Tanzania. Upon arrival, Rosie wanted to work as a mobile beauty therapist, but to her amazement, – sugar waxing didn’t exist: so she started to make her own.

Upon seeing this ‘glaring’ hole in the market, she and her husband started to manufacture sugar wax, and they introduced it to the UK. Soon, they outgrew the kitchen, and they found premises nearby, where their sugar wax is still manufactured today. 

She and her husband started their first business in 1990 – initially targeting the professional market, but they then pivoted to contract manufacturing their sugar products for The Body Shop, which they did for 17 years. After the Body Shop contract ended, Rosie made her first foray into the retail market, with their brand, Sugar StripEase.

Ten years later, and after feeling that the Sugar StripEase name and packaging had become dated, she decided that something needed to change, and with the assistance of her son, Noor, – they launched Sugar Coated, a new company, brand and packaging that was of its time, and that brought with it – a timeless product.

“In our first year, we were a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 under the Best New Vegan Beauty Product category, and in the 2020 Pure Beauty London Awards, we won the Highly Commended Award for Best New Vegan Innovation,” said Founder, Rosie.

The brand has gone from strength to strength since launching just 18 months ago: they have secured distribution in over 20 countries, and this continues to grow month by month. The product is also on the shelves in their first bricks and mortar store(s) in the UK, in the new NEXT Beauty And Home stores. 

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