Day: 26 April 2021

Support Women In Bangladesh By Buying a Hand-Stitched ‘Khushi Kantha’ Baby Blanket

Launched on 22nd April 2021 for International Mother Earth Day, Khushi Kantha (meaning “Happy Blanket”) sells beautiful, vibrant, and multi-purpose baby blankets made from reclaimed and ethically-sourced cotton, which are hand-stitched by mothers in Bangladesh.

CotiVision: Stylish, Sophisticated + Wearable Reading Glasses That Are Available At Your Fingertips – Always

CotiVision makes stylish, sophisticated and wearable reading glasses, – that are always available at your fingertips: in the form of an innovative, ‘necklace-and-glasses’ combo.

Noel Marshall (The BackBaller) Secures Dragon’s Den Investment From Sara Davies

Irish inventor, Noel Marshall (whose fitness invention, The BackBaller – is used by tennis champion Roger Federer) walked out of Dragon’s Den last week, – with a 100K investment from Sara Davies.

Sarah Clark-Martin From Fuaraìn Skincare

Sarah Clark-Martin talks about Fuaraìn’s BRAND NEW ‘Super Active Moisture Cream:’ a rich, hydrating, and beautifully luxurious formula, – that uses the benefits of clinically tested Deeside Mineral Water at its core.