CotiVision: Stylish, Sophisticated + Wearable Reading Glasses That Are Available At Your Fingertips – Always

CotiVision makes stylish, sophisticated and wearable reading glasses, – that are always available at your fingertips: in the form of an innovative, ‘necklace-and-glasses’ combo.

Reading glasses are not usually a permanent feature, and in most cases (and for most people), they’re continuously taken on and off throughout the day. For instance, if you’re out for the evening, they might only be needed (and used) for reading a menu, and then they’re removed again: an inconvenience for many.

CotiVision has creation a stylish and practical solution to this problem: the necklace-glasses, which makes your reading glasses wearable, and fashionable, too. And if that doesn’t work for you, the necklace(s) can be detached from the frame, and worn independently as a standalone item, and they’re available in an array of colours.

CotiVision was Founded by Nancy Gries in 2015, with Julie Hawkins becoming a joint-owner in 2019. The duo has an impressive background in the optical industry, when it comes to sales and marketing for optical frames and sunglasses.

Since the brand’s launch, the business has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, such as in The Guardian and Harper’s Bazaar.

“The idea for our CotiVision™ necklace reading glasses was Founded on a genuine problem,” explained Nancy.

We both reached the age where we needed reading glasses, but we couldn’t find anything on the market that met our needs or personalities. And so we thought: why do they need to be worn around the face, when they can be simply worn as a necklace around the neck, and lifted when needed like a magnifier? And how cool would it be to be able to convert the chain to other colours to mix and match the look?” They said.

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CotiVision has also developed a complete range of fashion-forward CotiVision™ glasses chains, which can also be used as mask chains, and stand-alone necklaces.  

Their collection, AMORE ITALIA, – consists of an array of unique models in a range of ravishing colours, handmade in the heart of Northern Italy from recycled materials.  

Each CotiVision™ Amore Italia chain is carefully and passionately created to deliver a punch of uniqueness and character. They blend fun, function and fashion, – in a palette of bursting colours to inspire a look which is bold and beautiful.  

With so much focus on cleanliness, the product(s) also provide an ideal way to ensure that your glasses and masks are not set down on unhygienic surfaces.

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