Noel Marshall (The BackBaller) Secures Dragon’s Den Investment From Sara Davies

Irish inventor, Noel Marshall (whose fitness invention, The BackBaller – is used by tennis champion Roger Federer) walked out of Dragon’s Den last week, – with a 100K investment from Sara Davies.

Also highly-regarded for one of his other inventions, the Bricky, – Noel Marshall’s BRAND NEW range of innovative, high-quality foam rollers – provide(s) a soft-tissue muscle-release like no other. The rollers are mounted off the floor in a stable base, – giving the user far greater control and stability over the traditional foam roller. 

Fiery Dragon, Sara Davies saw potential in Noel’s innovative product, and she invested 100K into his company, MuscleBallers LTD. As part of the deal, – she agreed to contribute towards Noel’s dream of expanding into the US, whilst also helping him to launch his larger project, the BodyBaller device.

The BackBaller is already being used by many world-leading athletes and teams, including Manchester City (for before and after training sessions and games, – to avoid injury).

The roller applies targeted pressure to release the muscle groups and joints that can easily be strained during intense training. Noel also removes the guesswork for his customers, by providing a bespoke 16-step programme that targets the key muscle groups. A follow-along video is freely-available on the BackBaller website.

Impressively, Noel has already sold over 60,000 BackBallers.

And the product was born from his own negative experience(s) of a long-running history of back pain and chronic injury: ‘The origins of this idea date back in my mid-twenties, when chronic injury ended my running career. 15 years on, I’m still struggling with severe lower back pain, and at 39 years of age, I was told that I needed a back operation to deal with a rupture between my L5 and S1 vertebrae,’ explained Noel.

After deciding to take matter into his own hands, Noel made a new type of roller prototype that was mounted on a frame, and he began to test it out. 4 weeks later, he became PAIN FREE, – and he regained his full range of motion. ‘I was able to run again. This thing changed my life, and I knew I had built a product that people would want,’ he said.

And rest is history.

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