Ciccarelli: The Sustainable French Leather Goods + Jewellery Brand That Has Just Launched In The UK

After successfully establishing itself in France, sustainable French leather goods and jewellery brand, Ciccarelli, – has just launched onto British shores (starting out with a collaboration with Maison Bent for London Fashion Week, 2021).

Founded in 2009 by Valerie Ciccarelli, Ciccarelli is an eco-friendly jewellery and leather goods brand, – that uses recycled materials, with all items being handmade. Their items are typically made using stainless steel connector plates, recycled luxury leathers, and chainmail (their ‘brand DNA’), and their most popular items include(s): the Smile Bag, and the CELLULE 104 necklace.

Nestled in the South of France, in Marseille (just a stones throw away from Italy, Malta, Algeria and Morocco), – Valerie’s career initially started out as a set and stage designer, but she decided that it was time to turn her hand to fashion, instead: ‘I am a rebel at heart, and I love diverting the traditional use of objects and materials, – to create rock chic inspired pieces of jewellery and leather goods,’ said Valerie.

Upon launching, Ciccarelli experienced overnight success. Valerie and her brand has since gone on to collaborate with high-end fashion houses, such as: Gianfranco Ferre (in Paris, Marseille and abroad), – and for 10 years, she consulted for some of the world’s leading premium brands, including: Les Petites Bombes, and Le Temps des Cerises (for whom she created jewellery lines with/for).

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After successfully conquering the French fashion industry, Ciccarelli is now launching both their leather products, and their jewellery line, here in the UK.

More recently, Ciccarelli also collaborated with the sustainable fashion designer, Maison Bent, – for London Fashion Week 2021. According to Valerie, it was a ‘match made in Heaven:’ Both sustainable designers share(d) the same passion for recycled metal embellishments, and the collaboration ultimately led to the creation of Maison Bent’s AW21 ‘Rocksteady’ collection.

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