Fooditive: The Dutch Food Start-up Set On Revolutionising Healthy Eating For All

2020 saw the blossoming of a brand new plant-based ingredient manufacturer, called Fooditive BV: a Dutch company set on revolutionising healthy eating for all.

Through upcycling third-grade and side-streams of fruit and vegetables into 100% natural products, the food brand has created a more sustainable future, and it all started with a Jordanian man, his hate for waste, – AND the desire for change. 

Having experienced the scarce availability of food throughout his childhood growing up in Jordan, Fooditive’s Founder and food-scientist, Moayad Abushokhedim – has vowed to create healthy and affordable food for all. 

And in recognition for his drive for success in the food and beverage industry, Abushokhedim was named as one of the Food100 2020: an award that celebrates changemakers who are working towards transitioning to a sustainable food system.

“For a Jordanian guy like me, who cannot believe he is living his dream of changing the world, receiving this award made me realise that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. And it reminded me that I am not alone in this endeavour, because there are so many others in the world who believe in making a difference,” said Abushokhedim.

Fooditive’s first product, – the game-changing, zero-calorie sweetener made from apples and pears, was just the beginning, and since launching the sweetener, the company has expanded its range of creative products, including a thickening agent made from banana skins, a carrot-based preservative, and an emulsifier made from potato extracts.

The innovation behind Fooditive’s products, and its dedication to delivering what consumers deserve, – has led the company to also be nominated for the Foodvalley Champions 2020 award in the Food + Health category. 

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Its exciting new collaboration with Frutco AG in Switzerland, – will use Fooditive’s unique continuous fermentation process to produce a sweetener from banana side-streams, and the move is the company’s latest step towards making the world greener and more sustainable.

As pioneers of healthy eating, Fooditive’s actions has also a-peel-ed to Gary Clarke, a former general manager of Mars International Travel Retail. With more than 20 years of consumer packaged goods experience, Clarke said: “as a next step, joining Fooditive as a partner seemed like such an obvious thing to do.”  

When I learned about Fooditive’s approach to developing a circular economy and producing foods that are better for you, I really thought they were leading the charge to evolve the food industry. I believe that Fooditive really can drive the industry to a new future for food: one that is not only good for people, but also for the planet, and should we be able to scale this idea then the difference can be enormous,” he added.

Initially established in 2018 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Fooditive BV is committed to making healthy food available for all, with its 100% natural ingredients. Later this year, the company will launch exciting new products (a healthy fat replacer, and a vegan milk formation).

Now that it is backed by committed partners, and equipped with un-pear-alleled, competitively-priced ingredients, the Fooditive fever is catching on, and inspiring others along the way to think more about what (and how) they eat.

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