French Jewellery And Leather Goods Brand, Ciccarelli – Launches Their SS21 Collection, ‘Bulles Explosives’

The new SS21 ‘Bulles Explosives’ collection, – marks the French jewellery and leather goods’ brand, Ciccarelli’s launch into the UK, – following a successful stint in it’s hometown, France. The launch also follows on from a successful UK collaboration with Maison Bent during London Fashion Week.

Inspired by the Founder, – Valerie’s love for art, and her body of artwork as a painter, the new SS21 collection is the ultimate epitome of ‘fashion meeting art,’ – with Ciccarelli utilising her artistic expertise to create exclusive designs that perfectly embodies the definition and themes of freedom and empowerment. 

Sustainability also plays a huge, fundamental part in the ‘Bulles Explosives’ collection, and is a prime example of how sustainable accessories can be synonymous with high quality, superior products. 

Carefully crafted from raw and recycled materials, Ciccarelli’s passion for art has extended the life of these materials, – to create a lucrative product that is nothing short of timeless. It also involves a great deal of talent and technique to work with these materials, and in turn, – highlights how awe-inspiring the new collection is. 

The collection consists of an array of handmade and hand-painted bags, coin purses and bracelets, and it features prints on the bags, – that are similar to the prints from her paintings. 

The handbags are completely versatile, – giving you the option to simply either use them as a clutch, or make use of the removable strap to turn them into a crossbody bag. The same goes for the bracelets: both provide(s) a choker and a bracelet in one, – perfect for creating an edgier look. The handbags and coin purses also include a chainmail trim, – paying homage to Ciccarelli’s fisherman family heritage. 

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The launch will also be celebrated by the release of a short film produced by LJCT Consulting: exploring the life of the artist, her inspiration behind the collection, and the inspiration behind her day-to-day work as a painter and a designer. 

Founded in 2009 by Valerie Ciccarelli, Ciccarelli is an eco-friendly jewellery and leather goods brand, – that uses recycled materials, with all items being handmade. Their items are typically made using stainless steel connector plates, recycled luxury leathers, and chainmail (their ‘brand DNA’), and their most popular items include(s): the Smile Bag, and the CELLULE 104 necklace.

Nestled in the South of France, in Marseille (just a stones throw away from Italy, Malta, Algeria and Morocco), – Valerie’s career initially started out as a set and stage designer, but she decided that it was time to turn her hand to fashion, instead.

The new collection will be available for purchase via LJCT’s digital showroom, and in a selection of independent boutiques in the UK.

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