Eileen Hutchinson From NitNOT (Head-Lice Treatment(s) – Secures Investment From Tej Lalvani On Dragon’s Den

Last week, Eileen Hutchinson from NitNOT walked away on Dragon’s Den with a £40k investment from Tej Lalvani. Eileen says that she was ‘overwhelmed’ with the positive feedback she received on her innovative head-lice (aka “nits”) treatments. 

Eileen’s enthusiasm for tackling the head-lice ‘issue’ caught the attention of both Deborah Meaden and Tej Lalvani. Deborah made a counteroffer of a £40,000 investment for 20% of the business, – after Tej refused her offer to split the investment. Although Eileen states she is a big fan of Deborah Meaden, she felt that Tej Lalvani’s business credentials were best suited for the brand, and her goals.

Eileen said:

“I am OVER THE MOON to be working with Tej. His expertise in branding and marketing is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and his impressive in-store portfolio involving Vitabiotics fits perfectly with our brand. We have had an exciting start re-branding our range, and I look forward to broadening NitNOT’s distribution, and enabling more families to eliminate these itchy pests. Tej’s team has been fantastic. It’s an exciting time for us.”

Eileen Hutchinson, NitNOT

Eileen’s business, NitNOT – consists of two products: firstly, there’s the NitNOT nit comb (a unique two-set interchangeable precision nit-comb with specifically designed teeth, and an ergonomically angled handle). 

And secondly, there’s the NitNOT ECO head lice Treatment, – which is a hypoallergenic, pesticide and chemical-free treatment that kills lice and eggs WITHOUT harming sensitive scalps, – meaning you only need to concentrate on removing pesky nits, dead lice and eggs when combing.  

BBC’s Dragon’s Den investor, Tej Lalvani commented: “Although nit products aren’t sexy, they are necessary. And as a parent myself, I realise the need of providing safe and effective solutions to the issue. It’s great to join Eileen on this journey, and to help her grow the business to its full potential.

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NitNOT started, – because Eileen’s child suffers from eczema, and his skin would become irritated and inflamed by the usual branded treatments on the market.

Eileen was so shocked by the side-effects of many of the ingredients found in these “medications,” that she started to research less harmful alternatives, but she was disappointed to find that many of the those alternatives can also cause serious harm, too – with potentially life-changing implications.

And after three years of research, consultations and hands-on experience, Eileen finally launched the NitNOT head lice clinic in October 2017. She created the NitNOT ECO head lice treatment in January 2019, and the NitNOT comb in January 2021.

Before launching NitNOT, Eileen worked in sales, and she worked FIVE part-time jobs to get the money together to fund her business, before she was able to quit completely and concentrate full time on the business two years in. 

Find out more here: www.nitnot.com