Jitterbug: The Apple Cider Vinegar Sparkling Water Seltzer Designed To Revitalise From Within

Passion, experience and a change for a healthier lifestyle sparked the creation of Jitterbug, a British produced, guilt-free sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Seltzer, designed to revitalise from within. 

As the UK continues to strive towards a more healthier and sustainable lifestyle, Jitterbug is the first of a new wave of ‘on-the-go’ premium soft drinks that provides functionality and a delicious, yet authentic taste.

Jitterbug’s Apple Cider Vinegar Seltzers are available in three different offerings: Lemonade Swing, Orange Jive and Berry Hop.  At just 39 calories per serving, each flavour is handcrafted in the UK, – using an array of English botanicals, real fruit juices and exotic superfoods, such as Japanese Yuzu.   

The drinks are not only 100% natural and made with real fruit juices, but they’re also 100% free from any artificial nasties, 100% vegan and organic, 100% sustainable and recyclable, and they come with 0% added sugar.

Jitterbug’s active ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar, – which is clinically proven to support improved digestion, boost immunity and gut health, – whilst encouraging clean living and weight-loss. The ingredient comes with a myriad of health benefits, such as: anti-diabetic effects, and the lowering of cholesterol levels in the blood, – by inhibiting the oxidation of low density lipoproteins.

The brand’s ‘retro-chic’ branding pays homage to the swinging Sixties, – an era renowned for it’s flamboyance and encouragement of self-love. 

Founder, Mollie said: “Jitterbug’s ethos is all about helping others to experience this new great feeling of freedom, movement, and self love.

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The 330ml bottles and 250ml cans are perfect for an on-the-go refreshment, and can be served neat, over ice and as mixers with alcohol.

The business was Founded in 2019 by Mollie Obileye, – who formerly worked in the finance sector in the City of London.

A health scare led her to move towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle in 2016, by giving up sugar-loaded sodas, but she didn’t want to miss out, so she started to blend her own alternatives at home. Soon, she found herself looking and feeling like a different person. She experienced a surge of energy, uncovering what she likes to describe as ‘a more fabulous version’ of herself. 

The experience was so profound, that it completely changed her life, and it sparked a deep passion for championing healthy self0love and healthy drinking. Now, Jitterbug is stocked on Amazon, Not On The High Street, Ocado and in lots other of independent stockists.

Find out more here: jitterbug.life