Low-calorie Alcohol Retailer, DrinkWell – Launches Their Own Low-Calorie IPA Product/Brand

DrinkWell, – the specialist retailer of the UK’s most exciting collection of low-calorie alcoholic drinks, – has launched their own IPA product/brand, – to spearhead their lower-calorie and low-carb beer portfolio. 

DrinkWell’s BRAND NEW IPA, is a classically-brewed IPA at 4.1% ABV, – which contains 99 calories and 3g carbohydrates per 330ml bottle. It’s also suitable for gluten-free and vegan diets. 

Tom Bell, the Founder + MD of DrinkWell, explained: “We are seeing an increasing consumer shift towards different dietary needs and healthier lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean that craft beer lovers have to sacrifice taste. DrinkWell IPA is brewed in Britain to create a full-flavoured beer that can be enjoyed by everyone, including those looking to consume fewer calories and fewer carbohydrates.”  

DrinkWell IPA comes with a hoppy bitterness, and is exceptionally smooth, – due to its reduced carbonation. It also boasts buckets full of flavour, including: tropical and citrus fruits, – and a lingering bitterness with malt undertones.  

A growing number of consumers are taking more notice of their food and drink consumption in pursuit of healthier life choices, and we wanted to use our knowledge in this category to create a full flavour and great tasting IPA that could be enjoyed by those seeking out a lower calorie beer,” said Tom.

Brewed with Zeus and Apollo hops, DrinkWell IPA is the first IPA with reduced calorie and carb content ever-to-be-produced in the UK. The bottle label features the Greek god Heracles, the son of Zeus (arguably, the greatest of all Greek Gods famed for completing a cycle of 12 heroic labours).  

DrinkWell’s Founder Tom Bell has worked incredibly hard these past 9 years to create an exciting, ambitious and unique company which pushes the boundaries of the alcohol industry. 

The need to innovate and pursue an emerging and growing trend for healthier alternatives fuelled the inception of Tom’s first brand SkinnyBooze (home of the famous Skinny Lager), which he later rebranded to DrinkWell, as the UK’s first and only retailer specialising in reduced calorie alternatives to the alcohol market.

Forever innovating and striving for better, Tom has been campaigning for policy change within the sector for over 9 years, and he’s been the fuel behind the change in the industry for labelling and branding policy changes.

Research has shown that 80% of the public is unaware of the calorie content of common drinks, and many typically underestimate this, and so the introduction of DrinkWell IPA to the market comes with a clear intention of supporting drinkers who enjoy a great tasting IPA, but who are also conscious of their calorie, carb or sugar consumption, or are following a vegan or a gluten-free diet. 

Find out more here: https://drinkwelluk.com