Wype: The Eco-friendly Alternative To Wet Wipes + The World’s First Refillable + Reusable Bespoke Toilet Gel Applicator

Wype is an eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes. The brand is on a mission to redefine ‘toilet-time,’ – by closing the door on single-use plastic, supported by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, – to introduce the world’s first ever refillable and reusable bespoke toilet gel applicator.

With over 2 million wet wipes already saved from UK sewage since its inception, Wype is already making a significant environmental impact, and it seeks to do more, – by introducing the world’s ever first reusable and refillable toilet gel applicator.

Launching on the 2nd of June, their Indiegogo campaign seeks to raise £20,000 within 30 days, with their pre-launch page already live here.

Founded by Giorgia Granata and Eli Khrapko in 2020, the dynamic duo met whilst at University. They’ve invented an eco-friendly toilet wipe gel: a specially-formulated, natural vegan gel that can be applied to regular toilet tissue, – instantly turning it into an effective, biodegradable, and flushable wet wipe alternative.

The vegan gel combines Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and added botanicals, – to provide a soothing and moisturising cleansing solution. Ideal for below-the-waist cleaning, Wype is also a great option for period cleansing, pre and post sexual activity, and for general cleanliness besides your regular toilet habits.

The Wype Gel Applicator features a patent-pending application system that enables the user to operate the applicator fully with one hand, – whilst spreading the gel evenly onto the toilet tissue, – rendering it quickly and easily moist, ready for use. The applicator is built to last, and is designed to be fitted with infinitely recyclable aluminium refills, removing all single use plastic from the product.

Co-founder And CEO, Giorgia Granata said: “I just couldn’t bring myself to use wet wipes after understanding that some were full of plastic, plus they’re seriously bad for the pipes, and the environment. I started looking into alternatives, but nothing quite worked for me, so we decided to create our own – and that’s how Wype was launched.’

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Co-founder, Eli Khrapko added: “Our initial ‘off-the-shelf’ pump system was only ever going to be used during the test phase. We’ve been gathering customer feedback and working with our designers to develop this world first, reusable and refillable applicator. The crowdfunding campaign will enable us to create a long-lasting product that is going to make a big environmental impact by stopping billions of wet wipes from blocking sewers and washing up on our coastlines around the world.

Before launching Wype, Italian-born Giorgia worked at Versace as a Head of Product for Versace Jeans, – when she decided to pursue an MBA to expand her business knowledge. 

It was only after graduating and a short stint at the luxury marketplace, Farfetch, – that she quickly realised that her desire to work in fashion world had dwindled. When the idea of Wype came along, Giorgia decided to jump at the opportunity of not only solving a real problem whilst trying to do something for the environment, but also, – to utilise her business skills within her own start-up.

Eli, who grew up in New Zealand, – joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force after University, in which he served for 10 years (including operational services in the Middle East). It was the humanitarian work he did with the Air Force in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines that led him to become interested in social enterprises. 

He left the Air Force and he moved to London to pursue his MBA (with the ambition to start a company with an impact focus), and then Wype launched.

Find out more here: https://wypeuk.com