Nosy: The Stylish New Air Filter That Is Game-Changing The Fight Against Air Pollution

Air pollution is insidious. Gradual exposure can lead to a 2 to 4 year reduction in life expectancy, and Nosy is determined to change that, – with their stylish and effective new solution: an ingenious nose-fitted air filter.

Their innovative new product utilises HEPA, Activated Carbon and Ionised Silver (that should be changed on a weekly basis) to help protect users from air pollution, viruses, bacteria, hay fever, allergens, cigarette smoke, and toxic fumes.

The brand was Founded by Brazilian-born, Carina Cunha. Carina is a former fashion model, – who graduated with a double major in Economics And Politics from Colombia University, followed by a PgD in Differential Psychology, and a career as an investment banker.  

But Carina had bigger ambitions to fulfil. After being trapped in a London tube one day back in 2019, she decided that she could no longer wait for clean air, and so she took action to save her health, and the health of others, and Nosy was launched in January 2020. 

She said: ‘I created Nosy, because every day, – I simply did not have the choice about the air that I was breathing. Unlike food or water, you simply don’t have a choice about the air that you breathe. Every day, we unwillingly inhale upwards of 10,000 litres of air full of toxins, pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and other allergy-causing irritants without an effective means of protecting ourselves.’

Founder Carina Cunha

The average healthy adult breathes through their nose 90% of the time, so it made complete sense to Carina to launch a wearable nose-air filter, – in the same way that we choose to wear sunglasses and headphones: ‘The essence of Nosy is not about covid-19 or even air pollution. It’s about choice. It’s about empowering people to choose what they let into their bodies,’ added Carina.

To drive the business forward, Nosy is proud to have been accepted onto the SIGHT Programme at the University of Portsmouth, where they’ll trial the use of Nosy with Asthma and COPD patients, – led by a respiratory specialist, named Dr. Anoop Chauhan, and a biogeochemist, named Dr. Fay Couceiro

Alongside this, Nosy has also built a a tech development team in Holland, and they’ve partnered with Sparks Lab in the University of Waterloo Canada to build Nosy Tech, – a sensor-enabled device and cloud-based ecosystem, to help promote healthy breathing in polluted urban areas.

The brand was also featured on BBC Dragons’ Den and TVTokyo Toterama.

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