Profit For Purpose: Meet Halo Jewellery: The Brand That Donates 50% Of Its Profits To Educate Disadvantaged Girls + Women

Halo Jewellery is a ‘profit-for-purpose’ brand, – that donates 50% of its profits to charities that support(s) the learning and education of disadvantaged girls and women.

With over 300 million girls and women worldwide, – that are denied a basic education (due to poverty or social constraints), Halo Jewellery has pledged to donate 50% if its profits to charities supporting this cause.

The brand was Founded by Supriti Vaidya, – a former project manager and business analyst in the financial services industry, who after 30 years, – decided that it was time to turn her true passion into a full-time business that helped others.

Supriti first began making jewellery back in 2010 after she embarked on a beaded-jewellery course, but it was the metalsmithing course that she took a few years later in 2015, combined with her own mother’s inspiring story, – that cemented her fate, and led to the creation of the business.

Supriti recalled: ‘My mother was the eldest of four girls and a boy in a traditional Indian family where everything was about the son, and daughters weren’t expected to achieve much. Despite this, she went on to get three degrees in three languages, and she instilled in me a love of learning. She taught me that learning could be both interesting and important, and was the key to independence.’

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Supriti was also inspired by a live interview that featured the British chef, Mary Berry. The interviewer asked Mary: “how do you manage to do so much?” Mary, – who was promoting her upcoming books and shows, said: “I love what I do.’ So instead of dreaming of when she could finally retire, in April 2020 during the middle of lockdown, Supriti launched Halo Jewellery, instead.

Each product that Supriti designs and creates is carefully handmade using sterling silver from the most reputable suppliers.

Supriti added: ‘My greatest success to date was being chosen as a ‘Small Business 100’ (a group of a hundred inspirational small businesses chosen to be showcased by the Small Business Saturday UK campaign), – just months after launching. I’m also thrilled to be closing my first year with a small, but important profit, – enabling me to donate enough to the charity Maher to help 15 girls finish their schooling.’

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