Introducing: ‘Power Actives,’ From Doctors Formula: Enhancing Serums For Tightening Your Skin

Power Actives’ from Doctors Formula includes six skin-enhancing serums and one lotion, for improving your skin’s health, – regardless of your age.

Each serum creates a capsule-collection to tackle our ever-changing skin health.

Just 2-3 drops a day of skin-smoothing caffeine, wrinkle-smoothing retinol or skin-tightening
RapidLift Serum offer all skin types a power-lift. While revitalising vitamin C serum and golden
turmeric lotion boost skin radiance. The conclusion to Power Actives seven product capsule
collection: hyaluronic acid serum and niacinamide serum restore and strengthen skin health and

These actives work faster, feel lighter and absorb quickly for rapid skin results, and you can use them in conjunction with your regular skincare regime for super fit skin.

The brand also provides facial marine-collagen products, ampoules, and probiotic products, as well.

Doctors Cosmeceutical Skincare was started in 2014 by Diane Ackers, – a skincare specialist who has worked in the luxury skincare industry for years.

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Diane said: ‘Over the past three decades, what became apparent to me was that no matter what your age is, your ethnicity, or where in the world you are, the confidence every individual could gain, was the feel good factor that empowered people when their skin looked great.

She added: “I became a total skincare junkie. Who would have thought that when I skipped an opportunity to go to Uni and chose instead to study beauty therapy for three years instead, – that it would lead me around the globe both then and now.’

Fast forward a few years, Doctors Formula is now being distributed both in the UK and the USA, on websites, such as Look Fantastic, Beauty Expert and Mankind, with future plans for expansion in Australia, Canada and more. 

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