Rhythm In Beads Launches Their Brand New Collection: ‘Calm + Connected:’ For Anxious Horse Riders Who Want To Feel More Calm + Connected

Rhythm In Beads specialises in horse’s rhythm beads, and they’ve announced the launch of their BRAND NEW collection, ‘Calm + Connected,’ – which are handmade by the brand’s designer Caroline, – to keep anxious riders feeling calm and connected to their horse.

Founder, Caroline Parish, – has created an entire product range of her favourite (and most popular) horse necklaces (also known as ‘rhythm beads’). The ‘Calm and Connected’ collection is/was designed to showcase summer hacking, and the connection between the horse and the rider. The products come in pastel shades of lavender, blue and aqua, and teal, black and red.

Their rhythm beads are made from gorgeous coloured paracord, silver and iridescent beads, with silver tinkly bells, – which means that horse riders can look and sound amazing as they ride.

The collection also includes other accessories, such as: saddle charms and earrings to match, and each set of rhythm beads comes with its’ own name, a few examples being: ‘Sheldon’ (rhythm beads with a safety strap and matching accessories), ‘Indy’ (rhythm beads with a detachable saddle charm), and ‘Pearl’ (rhythm beads with pastels shades).

With 20+ years in design, Caroline started to make rhythm beads after she suffered with anxiety during a long break from horse riding. Her products quickly gained notoriety in the horse accessories industry, – particularly with older riders, and those with anxiety or confidence issues. 

Since 2018, her hobby and passion has developed into a business, – with hundreds of positive reviews and a growing fan community on Facebook, – where she provides a natural way to calm both the rider and the horse, – inspired by her own struggles and experience.

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After a break from horse riding, and being that little bit older and less flexible, I found myself lacking in confidence in the saddle. My new mare (although good in most situations) was particularly sensitive to environmental noises, which caused her to spook and canter sideways on the road, which added to my anxiety,’ explained Caroline.

‘I looked at various methods of calming us both, but I didn’t like the idea of using drugs or expensive supplements. I read about the benefits of rhythm beads, which originated from native American tribes and they sounded amazing! Unable to find what I wanted on the market and being a designer (albeit textiles!), I decided to create my own and it grew from there,’ she added.

The beads have also helped to transform riding lessons for a young boy with autism, – who suffered with seizures and he didn’t appear to take any interest in riding, his pony or his surroundings. Knowing the benefits of rhythm beads, and that the boy liked music, his RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) instructor attached rhythm beads to the pony, and almost immediately, he relaxed.

Find out more here: https://www.rhythminbeads.com