‘Mini Maxx’ By Moore Maxxam: A Sustainable And Comfortable Collection For Kids

Moore Maxxam has created a BRAND NEW collection of revolutionary, sustainable, comfortable (and multi-purpose) slow-fashion garments, – kicking off with their ‘Mini Maxx’ collection for kids aged from 6 months to 14 years. 

The new collection comprises of four pieces: a bodysuit, a playsuit, long shorts, and a vest top, – all of which has been designed to be multi-functional, – so you can dance, swim and play. Each style comes in three bold colours: Tang (vibrant orange), Sky (stand-out blue), and Zest (a bright citrusy yellow). 

MAXXAM®’s fabric features a 100% stretch function, – which means it can double in size, and it comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large (stretch) up to 14 years. Even adults can fit into the medium and large sizes, – with their smallest size (6 months – 3 years) fitting perfectly around nappies. Not just that, but each item is made with 50% recycled fabric, too.

Iona Clive, Moore Maxxam’s Co-founder, said: ‘Making a product sustainable is more challenging than some might think. There are many obstacles from sourcing the right yarn, to availability for purchase, to it being created into a product that is up to our standards.

She also said: ‘After a lot of hard work from our passionate team, we can finally announce our over 50% recycled  fabric – still keeping our designs just as soft and affordable for all. It means we are one step closer to our products being fully regenerative. Using recycled yarn keeps less clothing out of landfills and lets out fewer toxic chemicals from the dyes and bleaches used on the textiles.’ 

Moore Maxxam started out, when Rosemary Moore (a Royal College of Art graduate) invented the unique MAXXAM® fabric back in the early 1980s, – which took the fashion world by storm and became renowned for its 4-way stretch, and tactile characteristics, – predominantly used for adult clothing and swimwear.

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In 2014, MAXXAM made a come back into the limelight, – with Rosemary and her daughter, Iona Co-Founding Moore Maxxam, – as they felt that the younger generation should enjoy its incredible characteristics. Then Misia, Iona’s sister, came on board after she fell in love with the fabric, and after she noticed that kids loved wearing it as much as she loved wearing it herself. 

The MAXXAM® fabric is extremely durable, and is made with only the highest quality polyamide and Lycra-branded elastane to offer longevity and a strong resistance to Chlorine. Its polyamide and elastane is sourced from a partner mill in Italy. 

Having been around since the 1980s, MAXXAM® made a big blast in the fashion industry, especially as Julia Roberts started wearing it in Pretty Woman. Nowadays, it is celebrities like the Kardashian family and Lady Gaga who are popularising the textile across Instagram.

The brand Moore Maxxam also supplies various retailers, such as Bond-Eye, Youswim, Hunza G, Moore Maxxam and a few others.

Find out more here: www.mooremaxxam.com