American Cosmetics Company (Founded By Lisa Rinna), Rinna Beauty – Is Speeding Up Their Delivery Times In The UK

The best-selling cosmetics line (Rinna Beauty) by celebrity, Lisa Rinna – is speeding up their delivery times in the UK.

Rinna Beauty was launched last year (2020) by American celebrity, Lisa Rinna. The brand has now sped up their delivery times for product sales in the United Kingdom.

Rinna Beauty’s first product was their ‘Icon Lip Kit,’ – which sold out in just a few days. The launch was so successful, that their website CRASHED. Despite this minor setback, the product has gone on to receive appraisal from leading magazines and newspapers, such as: the Daily Mail, Allure and WWD.

A collaboration between Rinna and SEL Beauty, Inc., – the brand was immediately hailed by the press and influencers for its chic, sexy colors and texture, and its’ sophisticated packaging, – not to mention the bold entrepreneurship of its Founder, Rinna.

Rinna Beauty has been available to customers in the UK since launching, but a growing demand and cult-like following has led to Rinna and SEL Beauty finding new ways to speed up delivery times across the pond. 

The actress, author and red carpet staple (and a member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill) is a fan favourite in the UK, and is much-loved by TV viewers, Instagrammers and fashionistas who savor her style, sassy and fun personality, not to mention her iconic lips.

I’m so hearted by people who have followed and cheered me on in the UK, and I’m even more excited that they can now get Rinna Beauty products so much easier,” said Lisa: “The reception we’ve gotten from ‘across the pond’ has been phenomenal, and getting our ICON Lip Kit and all of our upcoming beauty items to their homes faster is an important part of growing our presence and commitment to the UK market,” she added.

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Lisa’s celebrity circles the globe,” said Cheryl Krakow, the Founder and President of SEL Beauty: “She has a worldwide following of fans who love her style, warmth, humour and heart. We’ve had incredible sales from her followers in the UK for Rinna Beauty and being able to deliver our products to customers quickly, without VAT and, in some orders, shipping costs, is a key part of growing the brand,” she added.

But Rinna Beauty is not just a brand for Lisa. It’s more than that. It reflects her look, her style, her taste and her life, because more than anything, – she is known for her lips, which have become her signature, and the first thing people think about when they hear the name, Lisa Rinna. 

So it was only natural that she would seek to start her own line with a special focus on lips, but it’s far from the end.

‘It’s not just about what you look like on the outside. It’s also how you feel on the inside. I want people to look gorgeous and be happy. My wish is for Rinna Beauty to empower people with confidence. This brand is about inclusivity. Be strong, be confident, be sexy, be yourself. Shine so bright that you burn their f’n eyes out. Be what you want to be and just go for it,’ explained Lisa.

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