Dressarte (The Eco-Friendly, Made-To-Order Fashion Brand) Has Launched Their BRAND NEW SS21 Collection

Dressarte (the eco-friendly, made-to-order fashion brand) has launched their BRAND NEW SS21 collection, which features pastel-coloured tops, – made from eco-friendly fabrics, including: deadstock and surplus.

Made-to-order clothing is considered one of the most eco-friendly ways to purchase clothing: less waste, better quality materials, and a more detailed production process. 

Dressarte’s SS21 collection (as with all of its’ ready-to-wear collections) are made-to-order, and they can be purchased as either: a made-to-measure item, or as a standard size. Both options are priced the same, and they come with a free consultation with one of Dressarte’s stylists, if required.

Dressarte uses deadstock, surplus and eco-friendly fabrics, so that customers can achieve peace of mind knowing that their garments were produced as sustainably as possible. One of the most popular fabrics that Dressarte uses is ‘Ramie,’ – which originates from the stem of a nettle plant. Ramie fibre looks similar to silk, and it’s extremely absorbent and breathable: making it perfect for clothing in the summer. 

Ramie is also one of the strongest natural fibres, and it can be up to 8 times stronger than cotton. Other fabric offerings include: eco-dyed silk (where the fabric has been dyed using plant-based dye), surplus fabrics from Italian fashion houses, and 100% stain-resistant cotton. 

 Dressarte is a celebration of personal style, where traditional craftsmanship meets the latest technologies to bring unique sustainable clothes to life,” said Founder, Nathalie Neuilly. 

Nathalie Neuilly was born with fashion in her DNA. She grew up having almost all of her wardrobe tailored in an atelier run by her talented mother, because she felt frustrated about not having ‘fashion-industry-standard’ body measurements, – something which many of us can relate to.

Having travelled the world, it was only when she returned home to Paris that she understood that it was a privilege to have her clothes designed and tailored especially, and she wanted to make this personal shopping experience accessible and inclusive to other women across the globe in a similar situation to her.

As a result, Dressarte launched in 2018, with their online service, – where the brand works with their customers to create garments from scratch, using 3D design. 

Dressarte supports local production with dressmakers and ateliers located in France, the UK, Dubai, Russia, and Italy, so depending on the origin of raw materials, the type of garment ordered, the expertise, production capacities and customer’s location, the clothing will be produced in one of these locations.

Not only has the brand been featured in several publications such as Forbes, Techround, Vegworld and many others, but they also provide bespoke wedding and capsule wardrobe packages.

Find out more here: https://www.dressarteparis.com