Squared Up Clip: The Stylish New Solution For Pocket Squares That Refuse To Stay Put.

Squared Up Clip has devised a stylish new solution for pocket squares that refuse to stay put: an elegant clip designed to keep your pocket square neat, tidy, and in the right place, – all day long.

Whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, or another special occasion, a pocket square is a decorative square of fabric that sits snugly in the breast pocket of your suit jacket, and adds the finishing touch to any outfit. However, they’re renowned for falling out, losing position, and becoming crumpled. The Squared Up Clip solves this problem in a stylish new way.

Squared Up Clip’s Founder, Olaolu Opebiyi said: “Nothing finishes off a suit quite like a pocket square, and our innovative Squared Up Clip will stop it from slipping, sliding and falling down into your pocket.

Olaolu was inspired to create the Squared Up Clip in 2019, – following his own unsatisfactory pocket square experience at a wedding he attended. He explained: “The dress code for the wedding was ‘morning suits,’ so I was required to wear a pocket square. I folded mine neatly and slipped it into my suit jacket, but it just wouldn’t stay put.”

He added: “I looked around the wedding ceremony, and I noticed that all of the men were fiddling with their pocket squares, too – including the reverend! I couldn’t help but think ‘this is not a good look,’ and I came away from the wedding convinced that there must be something I could do to solve the problem.”

The stainless steel Squared Up Clip is available in a chrome or gold finish, and is suitable for pockets between 8.5 – 10.5cm in length. The First Edition is beautifully packed in a stylish black box, whilst the Deluxe Edition lives up to its’ name and comes in a handsome walnut box. Both editions can be monogrammed for a personal touch.

Prior to creating Squared Up Clip, Olaolu Opebiyi initially grew up in Nigeria, – where he studied electrical engineering. He decided to move to the UK in 2001 to pursue a masters degree in Telecomms and Computer Networking Engineering. It is thanks to his engineering background, and his deep interest in gadgets and fashion, that he was able to apply his experience and knowledge to create the Squared Up Clip.

Olaolu trialled a small pilot test of sales over the Christmas period, and the response was really strong, which gave him the confidence to take it to the next level, and launch it on a larger scale.

Find out more here: www.squaredupclip.com