HumaniTea: The UK’s FIRST EVER Ready-To-Drink, Plant-Based Tea-Latte

HumaniTea prides itself on creating the UK’s FIRST EVER ready-to-drink plant-based tea-lattes in two flavours: Earl Grey Classic Tea, and Matcha Green Tea.

And here’s why you should check them out:

  • Each product is brewed with oat milk.
  • They’re vegan-friendly, and dairy-free.
  • They’re made with real, brewed tea, and they contain no artificial flavours, or concentrate.
  • Both flavours are low in sugar, and low in calories.
  • They use ONLY ethically-sourced ingredients.
  • Their drinks provide natural energy, WITHOUT the caffeine crash that you’d usually get from coffee.
  • They’re sustainable: each product is packaged in recyclable cans.
  • AND, they donate 5%+ of their post-tax profits to wellbeing and sustainability initiatives.

Their slogan is: “me time, tea time, anytime,” – which encourages mental wellbeing, – and the importance of taking breaks to minimise work-related stress.

The company was Founded in December 2018 by Taiwanese-American born Tina Chen, but was officially launched in March 2019. Tina was inspired by a Taiwanese bubble tea concept and British tea-drinking culture. She started to develop healthy, well-balanced tea lattes, and she turned her idea into a successful business. She’s recently taken on her first employee, through the government’s Kickstart scheme, too.

Prior to launching HumaniTea, Tina worked in IT. After working as a project management technology consultant, she moved to London, where she gained an MBA from Imperial College Business School. And since graduating, she has gone on to become a peer mentor, – supporting women who study, where she helps to develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills through her own start-up story, wisdom and lessons learned.

Founder, Tina Chen

It all started when Tina began to sell her popular tea lattes at farmers markets, and at Imperial College London’s vegan café. However, once COVID hit, sales dropped, so she launched a crowdfunding campaign right at the brink of the COVID outbreak in March 2020, – to raise money for her manufacturing costs, as she wanted to mass produce her teas in a factory.

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And in April 2020, she successfully raised £13,000 from over 120 supporters. By October 2020, the first 10,000 units were produced with their UK manufacturing partner, and in November, the HumaniTea online shop was launched. Now, HumaniTea is stocked in over 40 restaurants, supermarkets, and in farm shops throughout London and the UK.

Tina said:

“I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve gained since starting HumaniTea for the world, although there have been both ups and downs. Looking back over the past 2 years, I am confident to say that I have grown into a better person both personally and professionally. I believe passion is key to running a successful business. Without passion, then work becomes meaningless and loses value. My passion is to bring the drink that’s good for humanity to the world.”

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