Want To Fix Your Mood? Try ‘Happy Paul,’ – The BRAND NEW, Mood-Enhancing, Roll-On Perfume Oil

Happy Paul is a roll-on perfume oil. The product came to life because the brand’s Founder, Paul Gerrard – had battled with depression and mental health, and so he set about inventing a product that supported others with similar struggles.

Their products promote simple, yet rewarding acts of self-care. For example, their brand new Bright Spice Roll-on fragrance is a smoothly uplifting blend of essential oils with a gentle kick of spice. This mindful mix of nature and nurture uses a kind, oil-based formula that can be used to lift your mood, or simply to smell good.

The fragrance promotes a unique scent that combines: bergamot, spearmint, lemon, eucalyptus, pink peppercorn and cinnamon bark, with base notes of cedarwood, vetivert, sandalwood and musk. To use, simply roll the product across your pulse points (this includes your wrists, your neck, and behind your ears). And for best results, be sure to shake the bottle before application, inhale, and let out a long relaxed sigh.

Happy Paul started just before the COVID outbreak.

Prior to launching Happy Paul, Paul briefly worked in accountancy, – before settling in a career in advertising, where he mainly wrote ads for a living. But after a decade, he began to resent agency life and he desired to embark on a new career that satisfied him and made him happy. Initially, he joined the family beauty business, where he set up a marketing department with an emphasis on ideas and brand communication. 

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But, an unfortunate dip in his mental health led him to take a sabbatical, so he could focus on his recovery. During this time, he dabbled in stand up comedy, and he embarked on a chef course, – a passion that he still continues to experiment now throughout his everyday life. And let’s not forget about Happy Paul, – who rolled out their first product just recently (their mood enhancing Roll-On Perfume Oil), with 4 more products launching this August.

Now, Happy Paul has been adopted by a select number of salons and spas as well as some online stores, and 20% of their profits go to YoungMinds. ‘Happy Paul aims to do its utmost best to make products that bring a smile to the user, because we know how contagious a smile can be,’ he said.

Find out more here: https://happypaul.co.uk