EasyTots: The Creative, Practical Range of Portable Weaning Suction Plates For Baby Mealtimes, – Up To The Age of 4

EasyTots provides a creative and practical range of EasyMat portable weaning suction plates, – to help with baby mealtimes up to the age of 4. 

Their innovative, award-winning range, includes their signature EasyMat suction tray range, suction bowls, weaning cutlery, and bibs, – all of which are:

  • 100% silicone,
  • Dishwasher-safe,
  • BPA, BPS, PVS and Phthalate-free,
  • Does not harbour Bacteria,
  • Hypo-allergenic,
  • And promotes your little one’s self-feeding.

EasyTots started in 2015 and initially launched on Amazon. The business was launched by entrepreneur, Helen Davies, – who despite running a successful window cleaning business for 12 years, became driven to embark on a new venture, inspired by her daughter, Keira’s messy eating habits. Upon selling up her previous business to put all of her efforts in, she created a range of baby suction plates to help reduce mess during the weaning stages. 

‘I owe the invention of our range to my youngest daughter Keira,’ said Helen. ‘Back in 2015, when the time came for Kiera to start eating solid foods, I came across a very common problem that most parents encounter at some stage of weaning: thrown and tipped bowls! Like many babies, Keira was more interested in this game than eating. I decided to find a way to stop whole meals from ending up on the floor,’ she added.

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Today, EasyTots continues to make innovative baby-feeding solutions that helps with mealtimes. The company already exports its products across Europe, Asia, Australia, the UAE and Canada, and they’ve been awarded with multiple awards, such as the Gold Made For Mum Awards 2019, and the Mother & Baby 2020 Award to name just a few.

Find out more here: https://easytots.com