Children’s Adventure Bedding Start-Up, ‘Pea,’ – Launches Their BRAND NEW Spaced-Themed Bedding Collection For Kids, Called ‘To The Moon’

‘To The Moon’ is the brand new space-themed adventure-bedding collection from the independent children’s bedding brand, Pea, – where imagination and adventure leads the way.

Foster your little one’s imagination by engrossing them in a space theme, – which is exactly what Pea’s brand new range does. The colour palette features striking blues and inky purples, balanced against soothing neutrals, – for a night sky that inspires imaginations by day, and before sleep at night.  

Paul Hicks, a Co-Founder at Pea, – explained his design inspiration: “As a little boy, I always wanted to explore the moon, but no matter how high I jumped, I could never reach it. Imagining how we’d get there is all part of the adventure.”

Pea’s award-winning reversible bedding sets act as immersive story starters, designed to transport children into imaginary worlds, by unfolding adventures around the room as their coordinating interactive wall stickers and playful prints bring bedroom walls to life. The sets are 100% cotton percale, and all of their textiles carry the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, AND they contain no harmful chemicals, meaning that they’re gentle on young skin.

But how did this all start? Well. Once upon a time, two good friends had a drink together after dinner, and the idea for Pea came to life in 2019. 

The Founders, Claire and Paul first met back in 2013 at a creative agency where they both worked together for five years, and they became close friends. Claire is a former TV Producer, has an MBA and over 13 years’ of creative leadership experience, with two beautiful young children, – whilst Paul is a graphic designer and an illustrator with over 12 years’ experience of creating and delivering brands across a range of retail sectors. 

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Once the COVID lockdown kicked in, Pea launched an initiative that offered free pea seeds for children to sow and grow at home, whether it was in gardens, on balconies, or inside in pots. Claire and Paul both believe that nature shouldn’t be a luxury. They wanted children to have the chance to watch something grow, to inspire mini gardeners, and to connect them to nature, even if it meant bringing the outdoors indoors. 

The initiative was a HUGE success, and in the first 24 hours of the campaign, over 4,000 people joined Pea’s Adventure Club, to claim their free seeds. So much so, that as seed demand soared, they had to temporarily pause their membership to catch up on the backlog of orders.

In total, they sent out almost 6,000 packs of pea seeds to children across the UK for free. Today, they continue to include pea seeds with all orders. The Adventure Club is an integral part of Pea’s brand community, which is a free club for children, – filled with activities to help keep little ones entertained, along with resources to support grown-ups. 

To date, the brand has won the Gold Medal Award Winning Bedding: Best Interiors Product, and the Junior Design Award Winning Wall Stickers: Best Interiors Design Decoration (Bronze).

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