Get Post-COVID Travel Ready With ‘The Karry’s’ Premium Skincare Travel Set

The Karry‘s premium skincare travel set is for skincare enthusiasts who want to take their products on the go, without having to compromise.

The brand was created by Ginny Roberts, who aimed to solve a problem she had been experiencing when it came to travelling with her skincare products. She explained: “When going away, I would either pack way too many products, or pack them in my carry-on luggage (then they would spill, get damaged or confiscated by the delightful airport security), not pack enough (panic!), or not pack any at all (cue skin eruptions from using hotel toiletries).”

Although Ginny Founded the business back in September 2019, she officially launched the start-up this year, in January 2021. The travel set provides an alternative to plastic with reusable, refillable recyclable mini glass-dropper bottles and glasses, – making it a portable travel set that provides an easier, lighter, and more environmentally-responsible way to pack and take ‘must-have’ skincare items.

Prior to creating The Karry, the Mother of two teenagers, Ginny – worked as a business consultant and a process analyst for 20 years across various industries, such as in finance and local government. Having suffered a number of illnesses, she wanted to finally pursue her dream of creating a product and running her own business. 

She said: ‘Following several short trips to Europe, I realised that there were no suitably small sustainable containers I could use to carry the skincare products I wanted to take. I’ve had many experiences of either sacrificing my skincare products, or having my skincare products confiscated, so I wanted to create a solution that solve this problem. This way, I’d be able to keep up with my skincare routine, effortlessly and sustainably.’

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During the pandemic, Ginny used the time to research and source the components of her products. The bottles are colour-coded to guide users when it comes to decanting their products into the correct bottles: e.g. the blue is best for those products which should not be exposed to sunlight, and are best kept in an opaque container.

But unfortunately, due to her low quantity levels, she was unable to find a supplier, and she thought she wouldn’t be able to launch, or even have the blue bottles (at start-up stage, the quantity and price made it practically impossible).

Luckily, she stumbled across a supplier who had the bottles, was willing to provide them within her budget and volume, and now, – Ginny is working on growing and thriving her enterprise, backed by many positive and delightful reviews on the brand’s Instagram page.

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