Day: 14 June 2021

MedicAir: The Indoor Air-Purifier, – With A 99.9% Efficiency At Killing Airborne Diseases

MedicAir is an indoor, grade-air purification technology, – that removes 99.9% of all airborne diseases, including surrogates of Covid-19, within an area of 27.5 m³.

Cordina Hair: Heatless Curling + Styling Products: A Stress-Free Alternative To Salon Styling. Perfect For Pandemics!

Cordina Hair is best-known for their heatless curling and styling tools, which provides a stress-free alternative to salon styling, – at a time when people are increasingly turning to ‘at-home’ options during the pandemic.

The Eco-Disposable Nappy + Wipe(s) Brand, Mama Bamboo, – Has Launched A Crowdfunding Campaign With Triodos Bank

Environmentally-friendly nappy and wipe(s) brand, Mama Bamboo, – is seeking to raise £540,000 through an investment crowdfunding campaign recently launched on Triodos Bank’s crowdfunding platform.

BitesWeLove: The Dutch, Plant-Based Snack Brand That’s Arriving Into Sainsbury’s In The UK, This Summer

The Dutch, plant-based snack brand, BitesWeLove, – is making their debut launch into Sainsbury’s in the UK this summer, following on from their huge success in the Netherlands’ healthy snack market.

Jemma Solomon: The Label Lady Product Demo

We sat down with Jemma Solomon from The Label Lady, who gave us an in-depth tour of her most popular products.