BitesWeLove: The Dutch, Plant-Based Snack Brand That’s Arriving Into Sainsbury’s In The UK, This Summer

The Dutch, plant-based snack brand, BitesWeLove, – is making their debut launch into Sainsbury’s in the UK this summer, following on from their huge success in the Netherlands’ healthy snack market.

The innovative, tasty vegan snacks are launching onto British turf for the first time: they’ll be showcasing their award-winning ‘Crunchy Peas’ over the course of four months, at 70 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, – as part of the supermarket giant’s ‘Taste of the Future’ trial bay.  

The female-led company, as Founded by Marleen Basart and Liesbeth Gouwens, – is on a mission to change the way that people snack, forever. According to Nielsen, 50% of European shoppers have reduced their meat consumption. Tapping into the vegan and the vegetarian market, the BitesWeLove team uses only the very best plant-based ingredients (nuts, peas, and beans), and they keep their fats, sugar, and salts in check, too. 

Scoring high on the nutritional ladder, their ‘Sour Cream + Jalapeño’ product came in at a score of –3 points, and was certified as a ‘healthy alternative,’ according to the Nutritional Profiling System.

The BRAND NEW Sainsbury’s deal, – marks BitesWeLove’s debut launch into the UK, alongside a UK Amazon launch, too. With backgrounds in supermarket retail and shipping finance, Founders Marleen and Liesbeth couldn’t be more different, but what they do share, – is a HUGE passion for food, and all things delicious.

After University, Marleen became a category manager for the snacking sector at a large supermarket chain. Liesbeth started to cook at a young age (when her mother went back to school in the evenings), and this led to a lifelong passion for cooking nutritious dinners.

In 2015, Liesbeth decided to follow her heart, and so she left the shipping world to focus on her true dream: to set up a food-business, and BitesWeLove was born. Brought together by their love for healthy, tasty snacks, – Liesbeth and Marleen now head up an ambitious team, who is shaking up the snacking industry, – one bite at a time.

“What started in 2015 as an online subscription business, has now grown into an international brand with over 1200 selling points in retail, and more than 2000 selling points in food retail. In 2020 alone, we sold over 2.5 million bites in the Netherlands, growing by 55%. In June 2021, we’re launching in the UK at a large national retailer, which marks our first step into the UK snacking industry. Ambitious? Yes. But that’s how we like it,” said Marleen and Liesbeth.

With 31% of people claiming to be snacking at home more than usual since the outbreak of COVID-19, and with 36% of people giving into their food cravings more than ever before (derived from Nielsen data), BitesWeLove are serious about satisfying snack hankerings in a healthy new way. 

They cram their roasted peas in with inventive and moreish flavour combinations, and the perfect amount of crunch, – culminating in an irresistible bite at a reasonable price. Their core range features three flavours (all of which are high in fibre), plant-based protein sources, and their products contain(s) 60% less fat than comparable vegetable snacks and crisps, as well as being vegan and palm-oil free. 

The company also has a huge mantlepiece of awards to show, too. Just a few months ago, BitesWeLove became the 2021 Gold Winner by being named International Challenger Brand of 2021 in the Future Brands competition at Food Matters Live, and they also received a Great Taste Award in 2020 for their Crunchy Peas in Sea Salt + Black Pepper. 

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