Cordina Hair: Heatless Curling + Styling Products: A Stress-Free Alternative To Salon Styling. Perfect For Pandemics!

Cordina Hair is best-known for their heatless curling and styling tools, which provides a stress-free alternative to salon styling, – at a time when people are increasingly turning to ‘at-home’ options during the pandemic.  

The tools are designed for women who love to curl their hair, but hate how time consuming it can be, and the damage that can be caused by heat, such as dryness and split ends.

The brand’s flagship product, the Flower Curl, achieves beautiful, voluminous curls overnight, – without the use of heat or styling products. Instead, the product relies on friction-reducing satin-coated rings that sets the hair in a curled style. 

Cordina Hair was launched in November 2017 by a Malta-born entrepreneur, named Yanika Cordina, who had one clear mission in mind: to inspire women to embrace and enhance their natural beauty with gentle products.

A love for healthy hair has been one of Yanika’s passions from a very young age. The working mum created her business after experiencing first-hand, – the struggles of maintaining healthy hair. Prior to starting her business, Yanika worked as a PA to a company CEO, and she also ran a little side business at the time, which was pet and dog-sitting/walking.  

Yanika recalled the hardship of creating Cordina: “I used to work in the morning before I got to the office, after work and weekends. I’m not going to lie. It was exhausting and it was a lot of work, however I was very determined, and the pet business ended up funding the Flower Curl idea and the initial IP applications, so I’m glad I did it.”

To date, the brand has been featured in a variety of high-profile media publications, including The Independent to name just one.

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