MedicAir: The Indoor Air-Purifier, – With A 99.9% Efficiency At Killing Airborne Diseases

MedicAir is an indoor, grade-air purification technology, – that removes 99.9% of all airborne diseases, including surrogates of Covid-19, within an area of 27.5 m³.

Having developed the technology in 2019 for the dental profession, MedicAir ramped up their production at the onset of the COVID outbreak. They were immediately invited to install their units in the NHS, and in private sector units in most major UK cities.

The MedicAir Air Purifier 2021 provides a surgical-grade level of protection for the indoor environment (where we spend 90% of our time), where typical air-quality can be up to FIVE TIMES worse than outdoors. Clinical trials showed that in just 30 minutes, MedicAir removed 99.9% of all invisible allergens, and viruses conveyed in the air.

The unique MedicAir system utilises a five-stage filtration process, that includes a HEPA H13 mesh fibre, followed by an odour-removing carbon filter, and finally a virus-killing 24w UVC bulb. All of this is achieved with the same power as a standard fan: 60w through any suitable plug socket. The device also operates with minimum noise.

An increasing public concern for air quality (particularly within medical facilities, schools, offices, and restaurants) was a huge driver for why the company started, but it’s also played a huge part behind the company’s rapid growth, which from January to May this year, – was up by 1000%.

MedicAir was set up by two British dentists (Priyan Patel and Connor Bryant), with one of its’ Founders, Dr Connor Bryant commenting: “We are passionate about clean air, and believe it is a fundamental human right. Clearly, it took a pandemic for many of us to realise just how important clean, hygienic air is, and now, we need to shift our focus from reactionary to preventative.”

“Our products, which are available across the UK, most of Europe, US and in Australia, – are already significantly disrupting the impact of airborne viruses, such as influenza, and of course COVID. Our ideal is to ensure safe air in all indoor spaces, to give maximum health protection and peace of mind,” he added.

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