Sustainable Fashion Brand, Aqua + Rock, – Strikes Up A Partnership With Singer, Elle L

Sustainable fashion brand, Aqua + Rock, – has teamed up with Elle L, the ethereal singer-songwriter. 

Elle (who describes herself as a passionate environmentalist) has praised the brand’s Founder, – Dea Baker’s commitment to sustainability: “Dea Baker has committed herself to go on a personal journey to ensure that her clothes don’t just talk the talk of sustainability, but that they walk the walk, too,” she said.

Elle’s passion for nature (which she cites as her creative inspiration), – is a perfect match for Baker’s pioneering creativity in sustainable fashion. With a growing army of Instagram fans, – not to mention being courted by multiple fashion brands, Elle is on a mission to halt climate change, and support the regeneration of the planet’s health. She spoke about turning down enviable contracts with fast-fashion brands:

“I soon realised that I was uncomfortable with how these brands create. I could tell the clothes weren’t made well, they didn’t last, and I found out they often don’t respect the textile supply chain and thet over-produce in a way that has a harmful impact on the planet. I only want to champion brands and people more conscious than that.”

She added:

“I’m delighted to align with Aqua + Rock. As a music artist, I am passionate to ensure that I align with brands that are committed to creating in a way that leaves a legacy for future generations. Aqua’s sustainable practices are built on strong principles, not only learnt but applied through experience, to ensure the entire supply chain is ethical and regenerative. I’m proud to wear this beautiful collection, in full confidence that each piece is kind to the planet.”

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In sharing her delight at welcoming Elle L onboard, Baker praised the singer’s integrity: “I love that she stands for something. She doesn’t compromise on her credibility, choosing only to work with brands she knows are truly ethical. She captures so much of what Aqua + Rock is about, from her inspiring creativity to her passion to protect the planet. It’s a perfect match!”

Together, Aqua + Rock and Elle L make a powerful ally for our planet, as Elle L has now become their official ‘Kindness Ambassador’ for the UNESCO MGEIP campaign (#KindnessMatters), and Aqua + Rock have just been shortlisted for the Draper’s Sustainable Footwear Awards 2021, ‘Sustainable Initiative of the Year.’ 

This is the fashion brand’s third recognition from Drapers, after being named ‘One To Watch’ in 2020, and ‘Best Circulatory Initiative,’ earlier this year.

You can find out more about Aqua + Rock, here:

And find out more about Elle L, here, here, and here.