Vermouth Brand, 9diDANTE Inferno, – Has Launched Their BRAND NEW Signature Cocktail: The Dante Spritz Rosé

Vermouth brand, 9diDANTE Inferno, – has launched their BRAND NEW signature cocktail: the Dante Spritz Rosé, which combines 9diDANTE Inferno’s vermouth with Prosecco Rosé.

9diDANTE pays homage to Dante Alighieri (known for the nine circles of hell (“Inferno,” in Italian) of Dante’s Divine Comedy) on his 700th anniversary year, with the reinterpretation of one of Italy’s most classic cocktails, the Spritz.

A light and refreshing drink that brings Italian excellence and craft to this summer’s social gatherings, – the Dante Spritz Rosé blends 9diDANTE’s bold and sinful character with the subtle floral notes of Prosecco Rosé: an explosion of taste that matches the intense ruby colour of the drink, and which stimulates all senses.

Set to conquer all piazzas across Italy, Dante Spritz Rosé is ready to add some sinful spice to your Summer: fill a wine glass with ice, pour 1 part of 9diDANTE Inferno, 2 parts of Prosecco Rosé and garnish with an orange zest: the perfect way of enjoying true Italian-style right at home with your friends.

“I’ve been playing with 9diDANTE Inferno quite a bit lately, teased by its 27 botanicals and Dante, without a doubt Italy’s most famous poet. I love the addition of the novelty of Prosecco Rosé, the perfect combination to enhance all flavours and fulfil the English craze for prosecco,” stated Enrico Gonzato, the Head Mixologist at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, and a world-renowned, Italian bartender. 

9diDANTE Inferno was launched by spirits’ entrepreneur, Alex Ouziel, – who also runs a start-up, called Kaliro Spirits, which he launched in 2019. A graduate in Economics from Durham University, England, he also holds a Global Executive MBA from IESE, Spain, – and was inspired by the nine circles of hell (“Inferno,” in Italian) of Dante’s Divine Comedy, – to create hid 9diDANTE Inferno: Vermouth di Torino Superiore. 

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It was his passion for the world of spirits that drove Alex to establish Kaliro Spirits, having previously worked at Bacardi, where he spent the last decade gaining insights and experience in the world of vermouth.

The recent popularity of gin has allowed us to rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship, botanical herbs and bitter flavours. The cocktail culture, the search for lower alcoholic drinks, and an appetite for a more sophisticated taste, – has increased consumer interest in the vermouth category that has been slower than others in premiumizing its offering, often boycotting itself through a lack of quality and creativity,” stated Alex Ouziel.

The spirits are now available across the UK, and in Spain, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, and Estonia.

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