Go Goosey: The Fast-Drying Onesie For Little Ones (After Swimming): Launching This August (2021)

Go Goosey removes the stress when it comes to drying your little ones after a swim, thanks to the brand’s quick-drying onesie that is launching this August in 2021. 

The innovative onesie (for ages 2 to 11 years) will dry your little one(s) in just 10 minutes. The product is water-repellent, and the material only gets slightly damp on the inside, ensuring that your kids will stay warm and get dry quickly, meaning: no more soggy towels or tantrums. The product is also unisex, and it can be adapted for both summer and winter use.

After adopting her daughter 6 years ago, Go Goosey’s Founder, Karen Burke wanted to take her daughter swimming, but she lacked confidence in the pool: “Whilst the swimming part was fun, the whole drying experience was SO stressful. It was a race to get her dry and dressed so that she wasn’t cold or cried or threw a tantrum. All the while, I was standing there in my swimsuit feeling miserable and cold, too. I thought: “there must be a solution,” recalled Karen.

As well as working as a recruitment consultant, Karen is also a dedicated single Mum, and she created Go Goosey to provide the solution to a large problem that many parents face.

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Their quick-drying towel is already available on the brand’s website.

Find out more here: www.gogoosey.co.uk

And don’t forget to check out the Go Goosey PRODUCTcast video (featuring Karen Burke herself) below.