Pamela Laird From Moxi Loves: “Dreams Have No Deadlines!”

From her Mother’s beauty salon, to nail bars, to Moxi Loves, to Primark: Pamela Laird believes that she was “destined to be in the beauty industry,” and we agree.

Pamela grew up around her Mother’s beauty salon, which inspired her to open up her own nail bar once she’d finished school, which she ran for 4 years. But as with many great entrepreneurs, her first key business lesson was the realisation that her nail bar business just “wasn’t very scalable.” Instead, Pamela decided to create a beauty brand, of which her Mother played a key role in influencing: face wipes were banned at home.

Moxi Loves started when Pamela decided to look into what made face wipes bad for the environment, and this was how her waterless journey began. She quickly discovered that the high level of water content used in most beauty products led to the need for an excessive amount of ingredients, in order to stabilize their formulas. But Pamela didn’t want her brand to be like ‘other’ beauty brands. And she didn’t want to use water in her products, either.

“I wanted to create something that I knew my mother would approve of, and that I knew my friends would love. Our first product was Barefaced, which is sustainable, plastic-free, hypoallergenic, and clinically-tested,” she said. “By 2025, billions of people will face water shortages. We cannot continue as we are, so I will always try to be at the forefront of what the next sustainable movement is, and the water element is something we can change today,” she added.

Just THREE MONTHS after launching her brand back in 2017, Pamela daringly and courageously took the plunge to go on BBC Dragon’s Den Ireland, but she never accepted the deal in the end: “We met a few times, but it just wasn’t the right deal for me. Three Dragons sounded amazing, but then it’s three people, three schedules, three different personalities, and me: four. I’ve never regretted not taking that deal, either.”

On the flip side, when the show ended, her product sold out in just under two days. 

Next up, was BBC’s The Apprentice. Whilst she didn’t win the show, Pamela has since gone on to win multiple innovation awards, and she’s been recognised as a 30 under 30: another incredible stamp of approval, – not to mention the incredible exposure that the show gave her. And more recently, her Ireland Primark deal was expanded to England, Scotland and Wales: “Primark has been a massive support to me as a small, Irish, female-owned business.”

The deal was initially supposed to happen back in early 2020, but COVID and lockdown meant that all non-essential stores had to close their doors, and because of this, the Primark deal was parked. But now that retailers have been able to reopen once again, the brand has finally launched into Primark in England, Scotland and Wales.

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But Pamela isn’t stopping there. NEXT UP: She has ambitious plans to take Moxi Loves across Europe, and into the US. She’s confidently predicted that the brand will be global in five years. And so far, her predictions are proving to be right:

“We’re just about to launch into 400 stores in Australia (Chemist Warehouse), so I am absolutely delighted, as this is the first stepping stone into what the future looks like. And dreams have no deadlines! Whether it’s five or ten years, we WILL be a global beauty brand: on shelves in the US, on shelves in Asia, and across the world.”

Furthermore, Moxi Loves is currently raising investment, and Pamela plans to launch three new products once she has closed her investment target: all into the waterless beauty space.

You can find out more about Moxi Loves, here. Their products are available in Boots, Primark, Ocado, and more recently, they launched into Lloyds Pharmacy.

AND, you can check out the full video interview, below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!