Onesta: The Slow-Fashion Brand, Where Style + Ethics Meet(s): Thoughtful, Timeless Clothing For Men + Women

Onesta is a BRAND NEW, slow-fashion brand, that combines effortless style and ethics. The start-up produces small, yet thoughtfully-designed collections of timeless clothing for men and women: designed to last a lifetime. 

The company was Founded in 2020 as a sustainable, ethical fashion brand, – with a desire to create a positive impact on the fashion and textiles industry. Each product is handmade in Wales, by Onesta’s highly-skilled artisans.

Onesta’s Founder, Gabriella Diana previously worked in the corporate world, before starting her own animal welfare charity, where she met volunteers in Romania who also worked in the fashion industry with low pay and horrific working conditions. This inspired her to take a stand against the fast-fashion model, and make a positive change.

The brand’s name combines her Welsh and Italian heritage, in both languages: Onesta meaning “honest” (encompassing the brand’s values of being wholeheartedly transparent, – creating a better future and generating an awareness of sustainable fashion). 

My commitment is to have a positive impact on the fashion industry from the ground up, by prioritising our values over profit, whilst working to challenge perceptions, and inspire lifestyle changes,” said Gabriella.

Onesta sources and uses unique and innovative fabrics that are made from: algae, eucalyptus, hemp, nettle, and other plants, which are kind to the planet (and it’s people). Their Seaweed Tee, for example, – is crafted from an innovative algae fabric that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: it helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

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Furthermore, by employing locally, Onesta is bringing manufacturing back in a sustainable way, as well as reducing it’s carbon emissions by up to 46%, whilst ensuring good wages and working conditions of skilled workers in the UK.

In addition, the brand also donates a portion of their proceeds to three charities that work(s) hard to create a positive impact. For instance, last month, they donated 20% of their sales to amazing causes in animal welfare, and environmental action, – creating a more transparent fashion industry. 

With the aim of being completely zero waste, Onesta has retained all of their fabric scraps, and they’re using these scraps to upcycle into new products. Also, their garment production is completely free of toxic chemicals and dyes to avoid any harmful waste, and their packaging is biodegradable and compostable, too.

Since launching just a few months ago in December 2020, Onesta has already been featured in Tatler, Curiously Conscious and Vegan Life. As well as selling on/through their website, Onesta is also listed with a beautiful lifestyle store in Cowbridge, too, called: Folks Gather Here.

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