My Expert Midwife: Educating, Empowering, + Helping Mothers Through Pregnancy + Child-birth, With Their Innovative Range Of Products

My Expert Midwife is an award-winning brand that seeks to educate, empower, and help mothers to manage the physical side-effects of pregnancy and child-birth, through their innovative range of tailored, stage-by-stage products.

Each product is made by carefully blending safe ingredients, including a wide range of natural botanicals that can help to soothe and calm soreness, whilst also relieving the various side-effects commonly experienced during pregnancy, and after birth. The products contain essential oils, and are mostly synthetic-free.

Founded in 2017 by Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton, – the range includes: prenatal, postnatal and post-birth products, that are split up by the various different pregnancy stages: pregnancy, birth, ‘new mum,’ and ‘new-born.’ Designed to assist with symptoms, such as: nausea, nappy rash and itchy stretching skin, their best seller, ‘Spritz For Bits,’ – is a refreshing spray that prevents perineal soreness, bruising, and swelling after childbirth.

‘Spritz for Bits’ comes with a multi-directional spray bottle that also works upside down, – to help reach the parts where it’s needed the most. Another one of their products, ‘No Harm Nipple Balm,’ – comes with an airless one-handed pump system for ease-of-use, and maximum hygiene.

“We use only premium ingredients in our products, – each carefully chosen for the benefits they offer. They’re all safe to use in pregnancy, and they all have a purpose: we never add anything that is not needed,” said Co-founder, Lesley.

The Founders (Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton) met through a mutual understanding of the physical recovery challenges that women face during pregnancy, birth, and becoming a new mum. They developed the range, based on Lesley’s vast experience as a midwife, and on their own experiences of trauma through their own births.

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Not only is Lesley an expert in her field, but she’s also been featured on the Channel 4 show, ‘One Born Every Minute,’ – where she led a team of 12 midwives each nightshift in the delivery suite at Leeds General Infirmary.

My Expert Midwife has partnered up with the PANDAS foundation, – an organisation that helps parents who are suffering with perinatal mental health challenges.

And to date, the brand has been awarded with: the Best Pregnancy/Maternity Product and Best Nappy Cream at the Mother + Baby Awards 2021, the Gold Medal at the Baby Project Awards 2018, and the Gold and Silver Medals from the Made For Mum 2020 Awards.

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