Naturepac: The Sustainable Packaging Company That Served Joe Biden And Boris Johnson Their Coffee(s) At The G7 Summit

Naturepac is a sustainable packaging company that specialises in: compostable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly packaging (printed and/or plain). Their ‘EarthCoat’ cup was selected by the G7’s hospitality supplier, Maggie’s Mobile Barista, – which ultimately served Joe Biden and Boris Johnson their cup(s) of coffee at the event.

The brand was selected due to their world-class recyclable composition, – that uses 40-51% less plastic than standard or compostable cups: meaning that they’re less likely to end up in landfill.

The Stats:

A study in 2017 estimated that Britain gets through 2.5 billion coffee cups a year, but sadly, that same study ALSO revealed that only 1 in 400 cups are recycled.

To combat this issue, Naturepac’s sustainable EarthCoat cup can be recycled in standard paper recycling bins. Most standard cups have to be industrially composted in order to be re-used, yet, if they are placed into the wrong recycling bins, they are unlikely to be recycled at all…

James Turton, the Founder of Naturepac said: “Tackling climate change and improving the planet’s biodiversity will form a major part of the G7 agenda this year, so we feel extremely proud that our sustainable product was chosen to help to fuel these G7 discussions, as they unfold. The sad fact is that many coffee cups do end up in landfill, due to innocent consumer misunderstanding about how, and where to recycle them.

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At NaturePac, we ensure that all of our recyclable EarthCoat cups feature(s) useful information about how to dispose/recycle the cup, responsibly. We are passionate about educating people around the different packaging and material options to suit their businesses, so that they can make the best choice for the environment. At present, we feel that this cup is the best option, when it comes to disposable cups,” he added.

Naturepac was started by the family behind Evolution Packaging Products Ltd: Julie Collett (who was the Managing Director), Harriet Turton (a Former accounts’ assistant), and James Turton (a Sales And Marketing Executive and IT Manager at Evolution Packaging Products LTD), in 2018. The business employs 11 people, and they’re based in St Ives, Cambridge. 

The company is on a mission is to lead the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future. Their aim is to challenge the status quo, encourage innovation, and to provide an unbiased education.

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