air up®: A Uniquely-Designed, Water Flavouring System To Promote, Boost, And Encourage Your Daily Water Intake

air up® (and their unique, water-flavouring system), – utilises a retro-nasal smell feature, – to provide a more interesting way to drink water, and stay hydrated.

According to new research, 46% of men claim to only drink ‘one glass of water a day,’ – a bad habit that makes us age faster, and sees our health deteriorate. 

To combat this issue, and to inspire more people to drink more water through innovative new technology, air up® is on a mission to keep people hydrated, and they’re achieving this through retro-nasal smell technology.

Studies have shown that up to 80% of the flavour we experience comes from our smell, NOT taste, – which is why the scent of food is so often linked to an increased appetite. This theory also explains why people hold their nose when they eat or drink something unpleasant. air up® is harnessing this clever piece of science, – by infusing flavoured air into each sip of water from their bottles. 

Plus, because the global soft drinks market is dominated by sugar-filled fizzy drinks and “diet” versions using artificial flavours and sweeteners, there has been no credible alternative for those looking for a more interesting way to drink water up until now, which is why air up® came to life. Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents. The flavours range from lime and orange-passionfruit, through to Cola and iced coffee with ten others in-between.

The first prototype for air up® was developed by Lena Jüngst both and Tim Jäger in 2016, who both come from a background in industrial product design. They spent three years in development to combine innovative design and the neuroscience behind the idea to turn it into a real product.

Since then, air up® has successfully launched in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and in the Netherlands, with almost a million customers already (in just two years). Now, Lena and Tim are bringing this innovative new way to drink and experience water to UK shores. 

Lena Jüngst, a Co-Founder of air up®, said: “air up® is a new and fascinating way to taste and experience water. What I love most about our product, is that it makes a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle fun and appealing. For me, that is a very promising sign for our future, and something that we have worked hard to achieve.

Personally, I am really excited to make the step into the UK with air up®. I have relatives here, and I have always seen it as one of the most welcoming places in Europe, when it comes to innovation. We have had a great reception from our customers so far, and we can’t wait to see our water bottles being used in the UK!” He added.

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