Find Out How A Journalist Launched Leapfrog Remedies: The FIRST EVER Lactoferrin Supplement Brand In The UK.

Leapfrog Remedies is the FIRST EVER supplement brand in the UK to use Lactoferrin, – an iron-binding protein, which is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, AND is your body’s first line of defence against bacteria and viruses.

Our body naturally produces lactoferrin every day: it’s in our eyes, nose and mouth. And it neutralises and suppresses pathogens as they appear, and exists within our white blood cells to quash infection. But when we’re stressed, tired, run-down, not eating properly, or ageing, – our innate lactoferrin supply may be depleted faster than it is restored, and this can leave us in a vulnerable situation when it comes to being exposed to, or catching viruses. 

Lactoferrin is also a key-component of mother’s milk that can provide new-born babies with optimal immunity. And that’s exactly where Leapfrog sources their milk from: they extract it from the milk of cows (which is biologically similar to human milk), – that are fed an all-natural diet in Northern France.

The lactoferrin in Leapfrog’s product is also iron-binding (which great for anaemia), and research suggests that it’s a pre-biotic as well, so it’s great for gut health, too.

The brand’s first product, Leapfrog IMMUNE, – is a citrus-flavoured, chewable tablet with 250mg of pure, natural lactoferrin, plus zinc and vitamin C. It doesn’t require water, nor is there a big pill to swallow.

Leapfrog’s Founder, Stephanie Drax, – created Leapfrog Remedies as a solution to her own family’s health struggle(s). Initially, she was a lifestyle journalist for various publications (the Sunday Telegraph, House & Garden, Vanity Fair, and FT), and a mother to two small boys. She has braced herself countless times for the winter months, and the inevitable blocked noses and spluttering coughs: all brought home from her children’s nursery.

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“In 2018, I began researching ways of cutting colds off at the pass, rather than masking the symptoms with medication. I wrote an article on gut health being part of the solution, and my research lead me to a scientist who said: “try Lactoferrin. I haven’t had a cold in 30 years,” she said.

“The scientist had written a paper on it, contributing to the growing scientific research on lactoferrin’s significant therapeutic benefits. I tried the raw material of Lactoferrin, and I was convinced by its magical effects on my family. When it ran out (and my husband was climbing the walls for me to source more), I decided to start the UK’s first Lactoferrin supplement brand – Leapfrog Remedies,” she added.

Founder Stephanie Drax

The development has been a three-year collaboration with leading scientists and wellness experts to create the brand’s first product, Leapfrog IMMUNE. Various experts, such as immunologist and lactoferrin expert, Dr Marian Kruzel (University of Texas), pharmacist Dr Hamid Merchant (University of Huddersfield), nutritionist Emma Davies (NatureDoc Clinic), and Renée Elliott, the Founder of Planet Organic, dived in to help out. 

Since launching in September 2020, Leapfrog has won a Beauty Shortlist Award 2021, and it’s been listed in Selfridges, TheDrug.Store and Amrita Nutrition, as well as receiving some great press coverage (the Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, Independent, Vanity Fair, Tatler, GQ, Evening Standard, etc).

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