The Woolf’s Kitchen Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Range of Asian-Inspired Cooking Condiments

The Woolf’s Kitchen has just launched their BRAND NEW range of Asian-inspired cooking condiments. The new addition(s) will complement their existing range of sauces and nuts, which are currently stocked in Selfridges, and in delis and farm shops across the country. 

The new range includes three new condiments, which taps into the current trend for spicy food, and the growing appetite for world flavours. Each new product is vegan-friendly, and they contain natural ingredients, only.

The Range:

  • The Chilli Crunch: a crispy, salty, spicy condiment oil for flavour hunters on the prowl for something to add heat, texture and umami goodness to any meal,
  • The Firecracker Paste: exploding with fiery chilis, garlic, tamarind, lemongrass and a citrus zing, this condiment is perfect for flavour hunters on the prowl for something to flavour bomb their Asian,
  • The Nam Prik Pow: Rich with chilis, tangy tamarind and salty tamari, the Nam Prik Pow is for flavour hunters on the prowl to add a rounded, mellow heat to their Asian food.

The Woolf’s Kitchen was Founded by Dominique Woolf in June 2020. Dominique is a former singer/songwriter who packed in the music dream after having children to follow her other passion: food.

“I launched The Woolf’s Kitchen during lock-down with a 3, 4 and 5 year old, and no childcare. The kids came with me on daily trips to the post office, to retailers and even to some meetings. Despite this, I have already sold 10000 bottles, over 11000 bags of nuts, and we’re in 100+ stockists across the UK,” she said.

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And just like her popular sauce range, the new condiments were inspired by Dominique’s Thai roots: “In Thailand, Nam Prik Pao is a quintessential part of the cuisine, used both in cooking and as a condiment. Our Nam Prik Pow! is my (accidentally vegan) take on it, and thankfully, I got the thumbs up from my Mum.”

The Woolf’s Kitchen has been featured on BBC Breakfast, in The Grocer, BBC Good Food Magazine, and in The Independent’s Best Hot Sauces list.

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