‘More Than Swim:’ Eco-friendly, Ethically-manufactured Swimwear Outfits For Un-photoshopped Bodies

More Than Swim is on a mission to completely disrupt the swimwear market, with their eco-friendly, ethically-manufactured swimwear outfits for realistic, un-photoshopped bodies.

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest pollutant in the world (Petroleum is the 1st). ‘More Than Swim’ is bucking the trend and fighting against the status quo by producing their garments in the UK (in order to maintain a small carbon footprint). Alongside this, the brand also uses eco-friendly, ethical manufacturing practices.

Well-known for their beautiful swimsuits and bikinis, Sandra Palmer created More Than Swim in 2019, because she wanted to provide a positive swimwear alternative for women: she’s on a mission to empower women to embrace their curves, and so far, she’s succeeding.

We are inundated with the cultural idea of beauty, and we are bombarded with images of long-legged, tanned, slim and heavily photoshopped women: a load of rubbish, basically,” complained Sandra. “I founded MORE THAN SWIM because I was tired of never seeing people like me looking happy in beautiful swimsuits.”

For each product that More Than Swim sells, a donation is made to Plastic Oceans UK, and the postage is offset automatically, – with a donation to charities that are based in the Amazon jungle (to conserve wildlife).

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Prior to launching More Than Swim, Sandra previously worked in customer service for large retail corporations. During this time, she witnessed first hand, – how corporate internal politics often created a culture that didn’t value its’ staff and customers. This inspired and motivated her to launch her own company that had people and the planet at its’ heart.

Since launching, More Than Swim has made various public appearances, and they’ve been featured in the Cosmopolitan, The Voice, BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Own, and many more.

Find out more here: https://morethanswim.com