Delight Mapasure + K’s Wors: Sausages That Overflow(s) With Southern African Sizzle!

Delight Mapasure + sausage start-up, K’s Wors, – is on a mission to feed the growing appetite for premium food that celebrates international tastes.

Whilst undoubtedly still a national treasure, there’s no getting away from the uncomfortable truth that sausages just aren’t held in the high esteem that they once were.

Whereas local butchers once ruled the roost (the lynchpin of the perfect English Breakfast), today’s ‘Great British Banger’ has lost its’ lustre. Thankfully, world cuisine is proving to be a major driver of real and meaningful innovation, and the sausage is no exception.

Boerewors (for those of us who are not in the know) is a gastronomic, ‘meat feast’ of a sausage (with up to 92% meat content), – made from heavily-seasoned fine cuts of beef, lamb and pork, inspired by centuries of proud, Southern African heritage.

In fact, Boerewors is held in such high culinary regard on the African continent, that their deliciously distinct ingredient make-up is jealously guarded by South African law. Surprisingly though, K’S Wors was established purely by chance.

According to K’s Wors Co-Founder, Delight Mapasure: “Our award-winning sausages harness the African soul, fuelling happy homeland memories infused with sunshine, spice and happiness. From a commercial perspective, K’s Wors tap into a growing appetite for super-premium food offers that revitalise ‘everyday’ food categories, whilst celebrating wider international tastes.

Our 4-strong offer talks to 3 distinct ‘banger’ loving audiences: 1. traditional sausage aficionados looking to broaden their flavour horizons, 2. a homesick, ex-pat community craving stronger ‘flavour ties’ with their homeland, and 3. inquisitive ‘early adopters’ of the very best overseas – inspired cuisine,” she added.

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What initially started out as a personal commitment to support a small selection of local Manchester community charity fundraisers (a stall selling cooked boerewors courtesy of an old family recipe), – quickly snowballed into something significantly bigger.

In Dee’s mind, sausages have spent way too long in the ‘meaty wilderness,’ and they needed a real ‘innovation boost’ that tackles 3 underlying GB food trends:

  • The growing appetite for international cuisine,
  • The sausage’s slow slide from proud regional stalwart to everyday meat commodity,
  • A great sausage doesn’t need to be slathered in ketchup.

K’s Wors Boerewors comes in 4 deliciously distinct flavours: Chilli, Chilli and Garlic, Chakalaka, and ‘Countrystyle.’

Some of their awards include(s):

  • 3 of 4 lines have won the Great Taste Awards 2018,
  • Chilli & Garlic won Runner’s Up at the prestigious UK Sausage Week awards, and Chakalaka was named ‘highly commended’ in 2018,
  • They secured place on Manchester Hub’s NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator scheme 2019,
  • They were featured on BBC’s Matter of Life and Debt (looking at the dearth of bank funding opportunities for ambitious food and drink SMEs),
  • Dee was voted by F-entrepreneur as one of top 100 female founders 2019,
  • Dee was also voted one of SmallBiz100 inspirational founders to look out for 2020.

The company also has a national listing on Ocado.

You can find out more about Ks Wors here.