Jasper’s Co: The Vegan, PETA-Approved, Handmade Embroidery Brand Launched By A Craft + Crochet Blogger (MillwardMakes)

Craft and crochet blogger, Abigail Millward (from MillwardMakes) is no stranger to creativity. She’s been selling her patterns on her blog for a while now. But this year, she decided to turn her latest obsession (embroidery) into a fully-fledged business (Jasper’s Co).

“I have always enjoyed crafting, and my other main passion is crochet. What I love about embroidery though (at least in comparison to crochet), is the speed! I can get a great design done in a day, which I can’t with crochet. My plan by the end of the year (2021) is to have a mostly made-by-me wardrobe. As I can’t knit or crochet very fast, it seemed that personalising my clothing with embroidery was the next best thing,” said Abigail.

Initially, Abigail started out by making jumpers for her friends and family. But in no time, her confidence sky-rocketed, and she decided to turn her passion into a fully-fledged business. The name, Jasper’s Co was named after her little dog. 

Jasper’s Co creates high-quality embroidered clothing and accessories, that are vegan and PETA-approved. They also run an upcycle scheme: customers can simply send a piece of clothing to Abigail that they don’t want anymore, and she’ll turn it into an embroidered piece.

And they’re an eco-friendly/sustainable brand, too: their apparel is organic and 100% cotton, and their packaging is plastic-free and environmentally friendly. For each product you buy, a tree will be planted (via Tree Nation). Abigail is also hugely passionate about sharing her love of creativity with the world, which is why Jasper’s Co also provides their own DIY kits for men and women.

Prior to launching Jasper’s Co, Abigail came from an educational background in zoology and computational ecology at Masters level. She currently works as a data scientist, whilst managing Jasper’s Co. in her free time.

You can find out more here: https://jaspersco.co.uk