SmileTime: The Bleach-Free Teeth Whitening Brand That’s Taking The Market By Storm

Bleach: that nasty, harmful chemical that is used in most teeth-whitening products. Well. Not anymore. Now, you can whiten your teeth in a healthy, non-destructive way, – with SmileTime‘s bleach-free products.

Founded in November 2019, SmileTime provides bleach-free dental products that use(s) an alternative ‘in-house’ ingredient, called ‘PAP:’ an easy, non-sensitive alternative to bleach, that produces quick, and easy at-home results. 

The brand’s best-selling products include: their Teeth Whitening Kit, their Natural Teeth Whitening Kit (with activated charcoal), and their Teeth Whitening Pen, – which has become a hit amongst celebrities (Love Island) and influencers, alike.

SmileTime was Founded by Natalie Quail, a trained tax layer who previously worked in the City. Not surprisingly, her parents both worked as dental professionals, which is partly where the inspiration and expertise behind her brand came from. To date, the start-up has clocked up a turnover of £1MIL+, after just 18 months of trading.

The journey has been tough, but I’ve learned so many important lessons on the way,” said Natalie. “The biggest of which is: when you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to learn, and happy to fail FAST! When you fail, you learn, and you force yourself to get up and push on,” she added.

Furthermore, as National Smile Month comes to an end, SmileTime’s campaign for the month (called SmileTime Warriors, – whose mission is to give those the confidence to share their smile), – conducted an interview with the Olympic boxing champion, Jordan Reynolds, – with whom they launched their SmileTime Warriors’ campaign initiative, with. You can watch that here.

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