Bibevie: The Planet-Conscious Babywear Company That’s On A Mission To Banish Dribble Bibs That Never Stay(s) In Place!

Bibevie is a planet-conscious babywear company that’s on a mission to solve the problem of dribble bibs that never stay(s) in place.

Bibevie has designed a unique range of outfits where the bib matches the design, and it safely clips in place, so it’s always where it needs to be. Their range comprises of 5 different bib designs (consisting of embroidered animal dungarees), – each featuring a hat print. 

AND, you can mix and match across the whole range: when one bib becomes soiled, simply swap it out for another, and carry on with your day. The outfits are made from a gorgeous, soft blend of bamboo and organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin, and the trousers have inbuilt turn-ups, so that babies with little legs can still get their feet out, and look cool. Also, the crotch is poppered for easier nappy changes, and there’s a contrast popper, too.

The bibs come in three different sizes to ensure that your baby is comfortable and well-protected. There are extra buttons down the side for ease of changing, and the bib has a handy double layer, so the top layer is free for wiping your baby’s face, and the bottom layer holds the bib in place. It also comes with the handy effect of being moisture-absorbing, so your baby should stay dry all day.

Bibevie is a pending B-corp, too: they’ve made it a legal commitment to make purpose and people as important as profit, – doing everything they can to minimise their impact on the world: using compostable mailing bags, and eco-friendly wrapping. 

Prior to launching Bibevie, Founder Rhian Thompson, – worked as a programme manager for one of the Big 4 accountancy firms. Her dream of started her own business started when her daughter was just 3 months old, back in 2019: Rhian’s new-born had dribble issues, – spending the first year of her life wearing a dribble bib. And this is where the idea was born.

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“I always used to find it really irritating that I’d choose from these gorgeous outfits that she was bought. But after I’d picked out something lovely, I’d have to hunt through our selection of bibs to find the one that was the closest match, or most of the time, just the least offensive,” said Rhian.

When it was on, it hardly ever sat in the right place anyway. It was always over one shoulder or over the back like a cape. I just found the whole thing absurd, but she was so dribbly that going without a bib wasn’t an option. I searched for a solution – outfits with bibs that matched, even, but I just couldn’t find anything, so I decided to invent something,” she added.

Although Rhian incorporated the company in February 2020, the brand officially launched a year later, in June 2021, thanks to a hold-up caused by COVID19. Already, the brand is flooded with orders, 5* feedback and repeat customers. And they’ve been featured in MyBaba, and in a Mini Music Makers session (with nearly 2,000 followers on Instagram).

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