Dressarte Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW 3D Wedding Collection (Powered By AR)

Dressarte (the eco-friendly, made-to-order fashion brand) has just announced the launch of their revolutionary new 3D wedding collection, powered by AR.

AR is an innovative new way to ensure that Dressarte can reduce their fabric waste, whilst still providing brides with a high-quality, unique, and bespoke wedding package unlike any other. Their brand new 3D wedding collection utilises AR models that can be personalised to each bride’s body shape, with bridal gowns that can be customised to each bride’s particular style preferences. 

Brides will still be involved across each stage of the process, from the consultation stage to the production stage. And Dressarte has consultants based all over the world, meaning that brides will always have 24/7 access to a specialist, – regardless of where they are situated. And once a bride is completely happy with their design, a toile can be ordered for peace of mind, or the gown can go straight into production (which takes approximately 20 to 30 days). 

Bridal gown prices start from £850, and can be customised using different cuts, trims, fabrics and styles. As a brand, Dressarte creates both bridal wear and casual clothing, with each garment being a made-to-order purchase, and in most cases, made-to-measure, too. However, customers also have the option of purchasing clothing in standard sizing (for anyone that doesn’t have the time to measure themselves).

Nathalie Neuilly, the Founder of Dressarte, explained:

We created the 3D Wedding Collection to cut down on fabric wastage that usually occurs when prototypes and samples are made. The 3D design helps brides to visualise their creation, but it also enables them to personalise their gown and create their dream dress. At Dressarte, we always offer bespoke options with every garment, so that clients can tailor items. Not only that, but all of our items are made-to-order, meaning that we never over-produce clothing.

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Dressarte only uses dead stock, surplus and recycled fabrics. Their design and tailoring process is completely virtual, with worldwide shipping also available. Founder, Nathalie Neuilly was born with fashion in her DNA. She grew up having almost all of her wardrobe tailored in an atelier run by her talented mother, because she felt frustrated about not having ‘fashion-industry-standard’ body measurements, – something which many of us can relate to.

Having travelled the world, it was only when she returned home to Paris that she understood that it was a privilege to have her clothes designed and tailored especially, and she wanted to make this personal shopping experience accessible and inclusive to other women across the globe. As a result, Dressarte launched in 2018, with their online service, – where the brand works with their customers to create garments from scratch, using 3D design. 

Dressarte also supports local production with dressmakers and ateliers located in France, the UK, Dubai, Russia, and Italy, so depending on the origin of raw materials, the type of garment ordered, the expertise, production capacities and customer’s location, the clothing will always be produced in one of these locations. The brand has also been featured in several publications, too, such as in Forbes, Techround, Vegworld, and many others.

Find out more here: https://www.dressarteparis.com/sustainable-digital-wedding-collection