VTESSIA Cosmetics: Natural Solutions For Postpartum Hair Loss (For Men + Women)

Postpartum hair loss for women is a real problem. But fear not, as VTESSIA Cosmetics has come to the rescue, with their natural solution to this confidence-shattering phenomenon that affects women across the planet.

More than 50% of women experience postpartum hair loss to some degree 6-12 weeks after giving birth. A recent example is the supermodel, Ashley Graham. The chemical and hormonal changes a woman’s body goes through can rapidly upset their balance over a short period of time, and this can often result in dramatic changes to hair growth and follicles. 

For most women, losing about 80 hairs a day is normal, but new mums can shed up to 400 hairs a day. Additionally, it can take up to 6 months for the hair to return to a similar shed-level and thickness after giving birth. However, some women are not so lucky, with their hair continuing to grow at a slower (and more sparse) rate. Black women in particular have the added problem of finding products that are suitable for their hair type, texture, AND hair loss.

In VTESSIA’s Founder, Vicktesha Cunningham’s words, her brand’s goal is to: ‘enhance our confidence, be affordable and promote acceptance – not pressure us into hiding our flaws.’ VTESSIA produces products that are gentle on the skin and hair: they’re 100% natural and cruelty free, and they’re made to repair, heal, stimulate, replenish, restore, and soothe. The brand provides three main products:

  • Their ultra repair hair oil, which repairs, heals, stimulates, replenishes, restores and soothes. The product is made from pure extra virgin cold-pressed oils to help promote hair growth, strength and shine, – whilst taming frizz and reducing dandruff.
  • Their hydrating hair seal is perfect to use on both wet and dry hair to create hair that is more manageable, softer and shiner.
  • And their restorative hair mask, is for when your scalp is feeling particularly under the weather. The mask helps to reduce an itchy and uncomfortable scalp, and it includes ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5.

When NHS mental health nurse, Vicktesha first created VTESSIA Cosmetics, a big part of her journey was understanding that confidence issues surrounding hair were not exclusive to women: they trouble men too. She discovered that the most difficult area of this was patchy or unhealthy beard hair growth, so VTESSIA created a Cosmetics Beard Oil to solve these issues for men.

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For some men, their beard is sparse and thin, and for others, shaving causes great irritation, or even acne outbreaks. Just like women, men are also conscious of their appearance, which is why the oil was designed to combat common problems, such as dryness and areas of thin growth, – providing men with an easy and practical solution to their beard woes.

VTESSIA’s Founder Vicktesha recalled: ‘I’ve always had thin, dry and damaged hair. But, after giving birth to my daughter in March 2019, I started to experience severe Postpartum Alopecia. This condition attacks hair follicles, – making my hair’s health deteriorate rapidly. Nothing I tried worked, so out of my frustration, in August 2019, I developed my own infusions which did the trick.’ 

Not only has her business been featured in various online publications, but Vicktesha is also one of the Founding members of The 360 Woman, which was created to spread the word about postpartum hair loss, and empower women to feel confident in themselves. The 360 Woman will hold an annual Wellness Summit to educate women about mindfulness in August 2021 in Barking, East London. 

Find out more here: www.vtessia.co.uk