Meet Object: The Gender-Neutral, Luxury Zero-Waste Beauty Brand, For All Hair Types

After launching in December last year (in 2020), Object is fully committed to one core belief: you shouldn’t have to compromise on sustainability, – to find affordable, luxury beauty and self-care products. 

Object’s products are designed for all races, sexes and genders. The range includes: 1 conditioner bar, 3 shampoo bars, and a face and body-care bar, with each bar addressing a different need: 1. Cleansing, 2. Rebalancing, 3. Rejuvenating, 4. Moisturising, and 5. Nourishing.

Each bar contains the equivalent of roughly three bottles of their liquid counterparts, and they can last for up to a year, making plastic a thing of the past. And: they’re natural, vegan, ethical, palm-oil free, plastic-free, and salon-grade, too.

In their first ever photoshoot, Object set out to choose models that cover(s) a wide range of genders and identities. For instance, one of their many shoots included a non-binary Megane Mercury (who was recently featured in VOGUE España).

In terms of sustainability, Object’s packaging is made from a unique blend of recycled cotton (with the goal of removing waste and carbon from the fast fashion industry) and bamboo, – to give their boxes a cardboard-like feel. The boxes have been especially designed to fit straight through your letterbox, making sustainable shopping from home even easier. 

Founders, Jack Wolton and Hugo Taylor created Object as a solution to the global plastic waste crisis. Seeing the Beauty industry’s plastic production figures led them both on their journey towards finding a solution. With Jack’s prior experience as a Senior Legal Council, and Hugo’s managerial skills, – they make a passionate planet-loving entrepreneurial duo, with a fresh approach to self-care.

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“We were SICK of the volume of plastic waste filling up our bathroom, so we looked for an alternative. We searched high and low for brands and products that fitted the bill of being natural, ethical and plastic-free,” recalled Jack and Hugo. “Also, we wanted products that worked well and that looked great. And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to make them ourselves,” they said.

Amongst their product offering, the Founders have also created a community page, where shoppers can learn about their journey, and they’ve vowed to plant at least one tree for EVERY SINGLE email subscriber. They’re not just growing a business: they’re growing a forest, too! 

To date, Object has been featured in various high profile trade magazines, such as in Pure Beauty, and in Fashions Finest, etc. They’ve also won a Pure Beauty Global Award for the ‘Most Sustainable Haircare Brand,’ and they’ve been listed on various online marketplaces. Soon, they’ll be expanding their product range into liquid shampoos and conditioners.

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