Day: 15 July 2021

Mauda: The Disability-Friendly Fashion Brand, – With A Focus Towards Stylish, Adaptive Clothing

Mauda is a women’s fashion brand that is primarily focused towards stylish, adaptive (disability-friendly) clothing. The brand launched during lock-down in January 2021.

Dutch Technologist + Artist, Maria Vera, – Has Just Launched Her Brand New Range of Art Pieces, Called ‘Light Fields’

A Dutch technologist and artist, named Maria Vera, – has just launched her brand new range of innovative art pieces, called ‘Light Fields’ this month (2021). Light Fields are beautiful, luminous wall pieces, consisting of colour and light.

THE TRUTH: COVID19, Pandemics + Holidays

We sat down with Harriet Seddon from Lotus Belle tents, who gave us an in-depth insight into COVID19 pandemic holiday trends, and how the holiday market has changed.