Dutch Technologist + Artist, Maria Vera, – Has Just Launched Her Brand New Range of Art Pieces, Called ‘Light Fields’

A Dutch technologist and artist, named Maria Vera, – has just launched her brand new range of innovative art pieces, called ‘Light Fields‘ this month (2021). Light Fields are beautiful, luminous wall pieces, consisting of colour and light.

After leaving the world-renowned art studio, DRIFT (where Maria was the Head of Research + Development for nearly four years), Maria moved to London, and she developed a new type of layering that makes colours dance on a light emitting canvas, – inspired by the optical illusion called the moire-effect, which is best-known for causing unwanted distortions in film or photography. 

Maria then found a way to control and manipulate these deformations to the tiniest detail, by sandwiching multiple layers of glass, translucent line patterns and high-resolution colour prints, – resulting in a beautiful and sensual piece of wall artwork she now calls ‘Light Fields.’

Creating art with this highly technical medium feels like a paradoxical marriage between constant very precise and controlled system thinking, and wandering around in a fantastical world of perception and beauty,’ said Maria.

Coming from a background in architecture, Maria thinks in terms of spatial compositions and atmospheres. Her artwork fuses with the environment when colours and light reflects into a space. She believes that light brings soul to a space, and she explores the impact that colour and light can have on how public, sacred, or intimate spaces are experienced by us.

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Ultimately, I want to create Light Fields in various scales and contexts, to pay a tribute to the sensational mystery of this ever-changing, extremely colourful life,” explained Maria.

Each Light Field is hand-crafted down to the smallest detail, and they can be ordered as single pieces, or as constellations of multiple pieces that uniquely suit wide, tall or large spaces. Her creations are made to order, and are shipped from London.

Maria can also provide custom design artwork to resonate with a particular space. Dreams of Fire (the first limited edition of Light Fields) is now available on their website. You can have a glimpse of what her Light Field artwork(s) look(s) like here.